YoYoWorkshop Armament

The Armament by YoYoWorkshop is a light playing full sized softer v-shaped yoyo with some amazing and unique anodizing that comes in both 6061 and 7075 versions. Super fun long spinning throw that has quickly become one of my favorites. That’s the quickie word on it. If you’d like a little more of the story read on:
Diameter 55mm/2.16 in.
Width 42mm/1.65in.
Gap width 4.17mm/0.16in.
Weight 64.5gr.
Bearing C
Response YYWS 21mm. Blue Pads

Wayne and David have shown a real eye for detail. With a nice box that has art work stamped on all sides. The top has a great octopus and ship drawing done by Wayne’s father. Those are the 6061 versions. The 7075 comes in a cardboard cylinder with Armament and tentacle art etched into the top. Both versions also come wrapped in a nice bit of nautical map style fabric and also include a small cast octopus charm (really cool! ;D.)

The Armament comes in some great looking color combos! Even the 7075 has some insane ano, and are blasted, which is tougher to do on the harder, denser metal. The blast finish is very grind friendly and feels soft and silky. The first run that was very limited had a polished finish. but al the new ones have the blast finish. There is a nice IGR. The hub is big and open with a rounded nub that rises up in the center. Very nice lines, no harsh edges. There is a big variety of color’s to choose from so you can find a color way that suits your style.

Play: (the fun part!)
The moment I threw this yoyo down I knew it was going to be a fun and exciting yoyo to play with. Its light and fast but doesn’t feel like you need to play it at a certain pace. Chill, fast, slow, even my signature spaz are all well within this yoyo’s capabilities… LOL. The catch zone is nice and wide open but the yoyo itself is not a wide one. It sits very comfortably in the hand naturally waiting to fire. Grinds are smooth, the IRG might take a hair of a tilt to smoothly hang there. The most surprising factor about the Armament is the powerful and long spin time. For a light yoyo it plays like a full size beast, but doesn’t feel like it’s going to pull your finger off. Even after a long combo it comes back with a nice pop. Buttery smooth and stable. I’m using a CT bearing and fat kitty and it seems happy with that setup.
The big difference in the 7075 is the added weight and a more deliberate feel. with a little less float. still solid and smooth as heck. This last batch was sold as some pre-orders and the rest here on YYE. There may be one left and more are coming soon. It is worth grabbing one when u get a chance. Wayne and David at YYWS have fired off a real winner in the Armament!



Thanks for the stellar review, Vic!

More to come from YYWS - we’re nowhere near done. In fact - we’re just getting started!


Guess you can say you’re…learning the ropes :wink:

Seeing the Higby, and not having one, is frustrating… :-\

I’m intrigued.

Thanks so much for this review! Me picking up one of the Armaments from the recent run was in no small part due to your post :smiley:

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Great review

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