YYJ Fiesta Official Release Date!

(Kei) #1

Sorry I made like 3 posts today but this is BIG NEWS. The YoYoJam Fiesta will be coming out April 17. Read more here: http://yoyojam.com/yoyojam/yoyojam-fiesta/

Promo Video:


Is this YYJ’s replacement for the Aquarius?


(Shisaki) #3



Are they discontinuing the aquarius?


It’s been gone for a while. :’(


gasp :o

Thats a big bummer. I was looking to buy one soon…


Get a Fiesta instead lol.


lol. Now its the fact I cant get an aquarius. :wink:


Get it used.

(Mitch) #10

Hmm… The YYJ website says its gonna be all Celcon…I wonder how that will hold up on drops… I wonder was the price will be like? 30 smackers is what Im guessing


/he’s gonna win world


If you mean Brian, yes. He is the sigle most greatest amazing best 4a player to ever walk this planet.

(Chase Baxter) #13

of course right after i buy the bigyo :frowning:


I’m sure Rei Iwakura would like that challenge. Or Naoto Okada. ::slight_smile:

And it’s spelled Bryan

(Shisaki) #15

Bryan tore up PNWR, we were cheering even when he did a bind :P. But yea, I got money on Naoto.


Haha I’m not saying he isn’t a beast. Just that There are some really skilled guys out there that might have something to say about it. And I haven’t seen anything from Naoto yet.


Neah, Bryan’s tricks are much harder.


i have used my kickside for 4a a little
its made of celecon too drop it a bunch
few sctatches but held up very good

(Chase Baxter) #19

On the yyj website the picture of the fiesta doesnt look very good, but i really want it :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #20

I think it looks pretty good… I hate YYJ mirror caps though!!! They look soo perfect, and the fiesta caps look great, but they allways rub off…