New YYJ's

Found this on SY Blog

If you look at the picture it states 3 new YYJ’s

Fiesta, Equinox, and Infinity.

I’ve played the Fiesta and saw the Infinity at PNWR
But has anyone seen/played the Equinox?

I’m really excited for the Infinity. :o

I guess yyj is ready to rain us with new yoyos

Much have been heard, edge, phenom, fiesta, equinox, infinity.


Can’t wait for the Infinity I’m a huge fan of Grant!

Are they coming out anytime soon? ???

I heard the fiesta comes out 4/17/10 I would like to see pics of fiesta and equinox.

Where did you hear this from?

And I heard there was a protoype for Takeshi Matsuura D:
I wish it’s true

                                                                                                                         The guys from yoyosam I called to get info on a yoyo glove and to ask adout a offstring called the bird by zeeiko, and he told me they would be getting the new yyj feista on 4-16-10 but yyj relese date is for 4-17-10 so they cant ship till then.