Anyone reviews on the YYF offstring?

i have tried the search bar and havent found one

it’s garbage

whys that

Breaks EASY!!! my friends broke in a week. get a shinwoo griffin wing instead :smiley: cheaper and they are very tough!

You could also buy the YYJ fiesta when it releases!

First two reviews I found with the search bar. Try typing in FAST Offstring review, and you’ll get better results.

Hah! Get a BigYo instead! Or wait for the Fiesta and the Equinox.

I’m pretty sure the Fiesta will be released on April 24

What’s the difference between the fiesta and the equinox???

The fiesta is Bryan Figuroa"s signature yoyo, and the Equinox is John Narum’s.
Btw, the Big Ben is awesome. ;D

YYF needs to figure out the problem with the off string, i bought two and both had cracked axles from the start.

get a big yo.

Is there a big difference between the two in performence?

Haha, but they’re not even out yet. Wait until they release. But for now, you won’t regret the BigYo.