YYJ Fiesta 2 (or whatever its going to be called)

Relese date is july 28! ;D I have been waiting to buy this one. Have you?

sorry if this is the wrong place for this…

I’ve been waiting a while for these to come in. I’m not ready for 4A yet, but I’m going to get one.

I’ve got a few other purchases for around the same time. Hopefully they’ll still be in stock in the colors I want for the items I’d like to get during the first part of August.

Can’t wait till they are released. That’s also my dad’s birthday. Hopefully i can earn enough money to buy one, also how much will it be.

I wanted the origanal fiesta but never bought one i am definately buying the new one

They said it should be about the same price as the old one. But a whole lot better!!! Hopfully…

I still have one of the first
but i cant wait for this one

It’s here! The Fiesta XX!

I can’t get it right now as I’m tapped out. So, please leave a blue one for me to get in hopefully a week when I order that and a few other items from YYE!

I think i won’t get it because I already have the Shinwoo Griffin Wing for offstring, so I do not think I will get it any time soon.

I was recommended to get the Fiesta from YYE directly. I’m not going to argue that.

Just hoping blue is in stock when I get my check!