Help my fiesta axle part plastic broke up.

how can i fix this the nipple part and also the axle was remove from the bodyhow could i fix it…

Sorry to tell you this, but that is pretty much broken. There’s nothing you can do. Don’t try gluing it, you will just be wasting the glue, the Fiesta is made of Celcon plastic, and pretty much nothing can stick to it.

OMG…ill try to buy 1 next.was bigyo good for a plastic than fiesta?

This is pretty much it. Or you could find a modder that could fix it for just about the same price as buying a new one.

I agree with Icthus regarding the solution: cheaper to replace than to repair in this case.

I’d also like to know the circumstances surrounding the incident that damaged it. Might help prevent a repeat.

I also have a Big Yo, Fiesta XX and a used Aquarius. I’m planning a Go Big as well. Maybe the rubber rims on the Go Big will help you out in the durability area and avoid damage. I got the Aquarius as a beater to start learning 4A with when I’m ready.

If you liked the Fiesta, try the Fiesta XX. A heavier, more enhanced version of the Fiesta. The Big Yo seems a little, well, big, even for 4a. Or the Go Big like Studio24 said. All of those choices are great for offstring.

Go Big or go home!

Seriously though, watch the YYE training vids on 4A basics. He’s recommending what I think then was an Aquarius due to the rubber rums enhancing durability.

4A is one of the hardest styles on the yoyo itself due to the fact they get dropped a lot. Bad stuff happening is way more likely in this style.

Note, there are lots of good 4A throws out there. The YYJ Equinox and Rextreme are also good choices. However, based on your recent damages, I am thinking you’re somewhat new or unskilled in 4A(hey, I don’t even do 4A), price needs to play a factor, and by that, I mean “let’s keep prices low until we get better”.

The Big Yo is somewhat bouncy. The rubber rims on the Go Big could make it take off and you go chasing it. The Fiesta XX is stiff and should bounce, but it’s more rigid and might not take too well to lots of bouncing on hard surfaces the same way. There’s always some give and take.

I also recommend learning 4A in a grassy area so your yoyo won’t roll too far and you won’t be damaging stuff. Also, grass tends to be soft so damage to your yoyo should be reduced.

Aquarius was discontinued.

I wasn’t saying the Aquarius is a current model, but the OP will benefit from you pointing out correctly that the Aquarius is in fact a discontinued model. I would like to thank you for pointing that out because it will help avoid confusion to the original poster who may try to buy a new Aquarius and get frustrated because they are out of stock everywhere.

It would appear that the Go Big is the replacement for the Aquarius, and so I would recommend the Go Big as a 4A yoyo to consider purchasing.

The OP should keep in mind that the active portions of the community are here to help. Sometimes that means pointing out errors or omissions made by others. It’s all done because those of us who are active, we care and want to spread accurate information. So, I appreciate having something I said clarified because it will be of benefit to someone else.

epoxy sticks to everything but it will look bad and play crap buy a new one :slight_smile:

If you don’t know for sure, just don’t post. You’re not helping much, you are only confusing the op. Epoxy sticks to a lot of stuff, but not Celcon. Celcon is a chemical resistant plastic, and epoxy or any other glue will refuse to stick to it.

Regardless if glues or epoxies will or won’t work on celcon, and all the time taken to discuss this, the money that would be spend to have it repaired and the time for it to be repaired, at this point, if we’re using the time=money equation, it’s going to be less expensive to just order a Fiesta XX or Go Big or a Big Yo and move on. Or a Shinwoo Griffin Wing if you want to get even lower in price.

There’s the argument of “repair vs. replace”. I’m for repair whenever possible, but we’re in a disposable society where we make things that often end up being cheaper to replace than to repair. Sometimes repairs are more cost effective, but more often than not these days, a replacement is easier, better and less expensive.

thank you very much for your help guys.ill fix it but ill just condemn it, but i will buy new two, i think aquarius and bigyo. thnks a lot guys it help a lot…

i bow down to all of you my masters!

As someone correctly pointed out, the Aquarius is discontinued, so if you want that model, you must go through Buy/Sell/Trade to get one. The replacement is the YoYoJam(same company) Go Big.

The Big Yo is pretty much readily available.

Have fun with no strings attached!

The Zeekio Bird is much like the Aquarius, but only at 65 grams. Just search up “Zeekio Bird Yoyo” and you will find a place that sells them. They’re around 20 bucks.

How did it break and how long ago did you get it? Do you have the receat? Yoyo jam might be able to send you replacement.