Bigyo or Fiesta?


Hi Guys!

Im currently looking for a new 4A yoyo and im currently using the Haya but i don’t really like it so im thinking of getting either the bigyo or fiesta. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, my haya cracked which i dunno if it was me over tightening it or dropping it too much :-[

Any suggestion on what i should get?

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Can’t go wrong with either.

I’d personally get the Bigyo, just because it is a bit more versatile than the Fiesta, but it’s ultimately up to you

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I don’t know about the Bigyo… but I have the fiesta and I think it’s pretty awesome… although I’m not that good at 4a so I don’t really know anything about what’s good and whats not.


erm so which one will you guys think will be able to last? cause im not really good at 4A and i drop alot! thus need one that will be able to last me longer

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Bigyo has a bigger catch area, anbd is made of softer material, so it should be the one to last longer.


ok thanks! =D guess i will be going for the bigyo now!


Fiesta all the way


But the Fiesta is super durable too and really awesome. I would get the Fiesta, But it’s up to you and guess you already got a BigYo. Those are good too. :wink:


Actually, i haven gotten it yet as i can’t order online and there’s only one yoyo store in Singapore. so im sort of still deciding which to get but currently thinking of getting the bigyo.


my friend has a bigyo and it is definitely durable but i know that the fiesta is better

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You KNOW that it’s BETTER? I’m pretty sure that everything comes down to prefernece.


ok i THINK that the fiesta is better. Happy? ;D