Fiesta or Bigyo

Which you recommend. Also tell me which is more snaggy.

Fiesta. Offstring masterpiece. Get one.

the bigyo would be better in my opinion if you are just starting out because if you miss a catch it is less likely to get all scratched up than the fiesta

i would have to say the fiesta

I would say fiesta. It is very durable(trust me). The style is nice. It fits in your pocket(depends).
It has adjustable gap. Feels good in your hand. It can even do thumb grinds(even on 4a)

how would you know? you never tried one! i have and i think the big yo is so much better for beginners

that is what i think

bigyo i have had it and love it

well, fiesta isn’t more snaggy, it is just normal, while the bigyo is slippy on binds. i would say fiesta, because it is actually better (once you can catch a little) to learn on the smaller yoyo so you can catch more acurately. i use my xcon :slight_smile:


If you like smaller yoyos, get the Fiesta. If you like bigger yoyos, get the BigYo.

But dude, get a Fiesta! It’s made of 100% awesomeness.

Yah I am using my xcon as well.


Actually, the Fiesta will most likely scratch up less than the BigYo. Celcon is just crazy hard overall. I’d say Fiesta.

Definately FIESTA!!! O0

The BigYo has a bigger catch space, so is easier to land on the string, but when you are performing and don’t have trouble landing the yoyo on the string and tend to do long combos, I think the Fiesta is the way to go. :wink: