4A discussion!

Hey guys, it’s mike! We have 5A discussion, but it’s time us os’ers had some fun. Post pics, videos, your current setup, anything 4a!


I"m currently using a Re-extreme.  Moved from the Fiesta XX.  I prefer the feel of the Fiesta, but the catch zone was just a little small for me.  The Reextreme is a good throw, but if you get one, grab a KK or CT, or something to throw in it, doubles the playable time on a throw.

I have done some tutorials for 4a

My current favorite setup is a solar, go big, and a ReXtreme, but it’s cracked so the solar is my main throw. I have other 4A throws, but these are my favorites.

I mostly use my Yoyojam Fiesta and Free Agent, I occasionally use the YYJ Big Yo. I like watching Ben Conde, Bryan Figueroa, And Jonh Narum a lot, so my style of paly is trying to take after them (I’m still a beginner, in all honesty).

Hey guys I have been doing 4A for a while but then my fiesta axle broke so i’m looking for a new throw is the rextreme a good choice?

See 2 posts up for my thoughts on the Reextreme,

why don’t you get a new axle for the Fiesta? If you can’t buy one, just find a bolt (dollar store, hardware store) that fits the threading and cut it.

I’m using the Fiesta, stock bearing, and Toxic String. I’m just a beginner though.

Well today I used a Go Big and it felt great. Good spin times, fun to throw and catch. The only thing I didn’t really like too much is the fact that the rims are rubber so if it touches the ground there’s no chance of recovery as it shoots off. It fell quite a few times for me but I am able to do 1 handed binds, barrel rolls, very slow orbits and of course hops. For now I will hunt on the BSTs for any offstring yoyo I can find. If anyone has one for trade shoot me a PM.

I’ve been getting into 4A alot more recently. Hoping to pick up the windforce by God Tricks sometime soon, wanting to try a delrin 4A throw, see if I like it. Right now the Go Big is my go to 4A throw. As for tricks, here is a video:

What happened was that it fell on the floor and the axle snapped in half while in both sides of the yoyo and i couldn’t get it out believe me i tried

OHoho, I wanna show off!  My 2nd place 4a routine at WCR

You can’t bounce and catch the Go Big? Ben conde makes it look so easy. That is rather discouraging because i want to find a 4a yoyo that can get a good bounce off the floor, it is pretty difficult with the Fiesta XX. Any ideas what 4a yoyos do that?


I just ordered a Fiesta to start. Yay!

My setup is an asteroid, right now. Contemplating if I should get a Go Big, Fiesta XX, or Hayabusa.

going to start today when i get my go big.


first time today only got the throw and bind and a barrel roll.

I’d go for a fiesta.

Hey guys, the ZRO is in production and will be sold at BAC! (I wish I could go!) I’ll post Zac’s video later today.