4A set-up

Hey guys I was wondering what is a good 4A set up. I’m currently just using a ONE with fat kitty string and a regular bearing. I plan in getting a specific 4A yoyo and was wondering what I should get? I’ve narrowed down to a Go Big or Fiesta XX but what bearing upgrades, string, lube?, etc,

I just got the Fiesta XX. It is a very good yoyo for a beginner at 4A(like me). I haven’t really changed the string, bearing, or used any lube yet because I don’t really know too much about it either. I would really recommend the Fiesta XX though because I think it’s just great for me while I’m trying to progress through 4A.

I’ve used a ONE but you should use a half Spec, full Spec makes binds slippy (Unless you lubed it.).

And if you get a Go Big or a Fiesta XX you’re going to want to play it stock (Think they both come with half 10 balls.)

Although you can go crazy with customization on string. I find I like longer sting with a good bounce and of course can hold slack well.

Fiesta XX no doubt! It is my go to throw for all 4a! Nice long spins, very stable, and very VERY durable. Plus it has a real nice bounce if you drop it. Its slightly bigger then the go big meaning catching will be a bit easier for a beginner like you. Fiesta XX M.DeV1 APPROVED!

Unfortunately I don’t have a half spec(if anyone has one PM me and we can work something out). Ive used a big yo and it’s just too big and not enough sleep times. With the ONE I have to triple wrap to get a somewhat decent bind. No orbits with it yet.

Fiesta XX with 100% poly YYE strings, or really any Type 6 100% poly string works great.

The Go Big with it’s half spec bearing is a nice combination as well. Again, 100% poly Type 6 string works great.

I find cotton and Slick 6 to just not have enough friction for a decent bind with these yoyos. I do like 100% cotton string on my Aquarius yoyos for some strange reason. It works great with 100% poly, I just like it better with cotton.

I also recommend the fiesta xx. It is a very nice 4A beginners yoyo.

Well a friend of mine is picking up a Go Big today so tomorrow Ill try it out and see if I like it or just order a Fiesta XX.

If you dont drop the yoyo to much when doing 4a, and you got a little bit of cash to spend, i would HIGHLY recommend the Rextreme.

I’m afraid I probably will. Is the ReXtreme fragile?

It’s not as durable from what I here.

It should be alright for over carpet and such but if if you want to do it everywhere.

Also you get my PM?

A friend has the rextreme and it seems built pretty well. I wouldn’t mind getting one myself.

For big catches and beginner-ness I would recommend the fiesta xx. It can do big, crowd pleasers, and small techy stuff. The XX is noisy on drops. The Go Big is more responsive, but smaller and harder to catch, but not by much. But a Fiesta xx with a drop of V4M is as responsive as the go big. They both bounce well, but as stated before, the fiesta is louder. The Fiesta grinds good without a glove, and great with a glove. The Go Big grinds OK without a glove and great with a glove. Both are great.

The ReXtreme is one of the best offstring yoyos ever. It is stable and responds wonderfully. It will break after a few hundred drops, so it’s not for beginners.

If you really want to stick with offstring, go delrin. The Solar is great! It never snags, is easy to catch, and grinds amazingly. Haven’t tried a milkshake yet, but I’m sure it’s great.

Whatever you pick, you won’t be disappointed!

I started on a fiesta XX then moved to the Reextreme for the wider catch. If you get a Reextreme, get a centering bearing, makes a huge difference in play.

Has anyone used those Adegle off strings yet?