Wanting to start 4A :D

Hey guys, before I jump into the world of 4A I would like to know a few things. What size bearing do most 4A yo-yo’s use and is there any special kind of string that would be needed? What do you recommend for bearing size? Thanks in advance! Also, any newbie tips or pointers would be appreciated!

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You seem to be implying that you would use a normal 1A YoYo with a different bearing if you were to start 4A. I’d suggest actually investing in a 4A YoYo, 1A YoYos aren’t meant for 4A - it’ll take you further, play better, and take a beating since you’ll be dropping it a lot.

A great starter yo-yo for 4a uses an A bearing, the Shinwoo Griffon Wing…It has different spacer setups, so its great, in my opinion. The Fiesta XX is good, as well. Start with the Shinwoo, it plays great for $15, plus whatever shipping costs you need. I always get uses to a new 4A throw outside, in the grass. If you don’t have grassy areas, do it in a very spacious, tiled area. And when you throw, dont aim too high, for of course ceilings hurt. For String, Use poly, I reccomend the yoyoexpert String, its slightly longer, For in 4A, you want it about 4 to 6 inches above your bellybutton, or however long you’re comfortable with. I would say no more then 4 feet, 8 inches, unless you’re taller than me (6 feet). Most Offstring yoyos Use A or C bearings, unless you get an old Yoyojam aqaurius or free Agent(Agent has rims pop off too often, wouldnt reccomend.) If you get an aquarius, it uses the YYJ/Buzzon B-sized. close to the Inner diameter if a C, slightly bigger than an A in outer Diameter, plays great if cleaned. Hope this helped!

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Conde seems to be using some extra thick string in his tutorials. Any idea what it is?

Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to type it like I did. In a better worded way, I was wondering if 4A had different types of bearings as 1A yo-yo’s do and if they did what bearing size would be the best for doing 4A. I’m currently looking through different kinds of yo-yo’s to figure out a great starting one. Thanks for the tips though!

He also uses a C bearing, not the half, but I Dont know…My fav thicker string are the Toxics. but they are also stiffer slightly, for suicides.

I think the best beginner is the Fiesta or Griffon wing. The wing bounces due its harder rubber rims, but the fiesta is still awesome, as it slides on tile if dropped, not much bounce.

A lot of good “beginner” 4A throws are also excellent competition throws in the right hands.

My recommendations:
Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Large catch zone, inexpensive, pretty durable. It does use an A bearing.
Fiesta XX: affordable, rugged, durable, larger, and good enough to take 2nd place at Worlds! This is my choice.
Big Yo: Over-sized, good, bouncy, and you can compete with it. Fiesta XX is cheaper and I feel better.
GoBig: Rubber rims, comfortable, generous catch zone. Different, but decent. Watch Ben Conde use it, then wipe the drool off your chin, then throw one and see that anyone can use it too! Serious!

Duncan Hayabusa I feel is a bit too small for starting out, but it’s not bad. Not a favorite of mine, but affordable and an A bearing.

I wouldn’t spend more than GoBig dollars to start out. While I recommend the Fiesta XX, the GoBig is another good starter. If budget is a concerned, the Griffin Wing is the way to go. If you end up liking it, spend what you want.
Right tools for the job.

In other news, Fiesta or Griffon Wing = best way to start out, From a Budget versus Playability point of view…Both are excellent.