Wanna try 4a.


So I’m very interested in trying 4a. What I wanted to know was do I need a throw made for 4a or can I try it with a DM2??? I have a beater dm2 and I’m thinking I might try it out. What do you guys think???

(Erik Kerber ) #2

If you put a narrow responsive bearing in there it should work just fine but an actual 4A yoyo is recommended.


I wouldn’t do it. you’ll risk the thing busting. Get an actual 4A yoyo like the yoyojam fiesta. It’s wonderful


I’m currently using a classic. It’ll work, but is probably not the best option if you can buy a 4a specific yoyo.


If you can wait, then wait for the Duncan SkyHawk. It’s in final stages now and could release any day now. Also remember that size 2 lateral caps can fit fhz cap yoyos including the sky hawk.


The Rextreme 2 or Rextreme 3 proto are good for beginners because they’re easy to catch but not stupidly large like the Big Yo.

YoyoOfficer Gravity is a really good cost-performance delrin. It’s wider than most delrin 4A throws but not quite as wide as a Rextreme. More durable though.


Sky hawk is the best


I second the YYJ Rextreme 2 and YYO Gravity. Both are really wide and easy to catch consistently


Unlikely. Have you played one?

JT Ultimate Eagle +S is probably the “best” 4A yo-yo, runners up being other JT throws but they are super expensive.

(rizkiyoist) #10

Any delrin 4a from Godtricks or C3yoyodesign.

(Former National 4A Champion) #11

The Zeekio Apollo 2 is rather indestructable. It’s really great for starting because it’s big(but not too big),has a great spin time, and is nice and responsive. I personally started with the FAST 201, so 1a yoyos are ok.


Well since you say you want to try out 4a, I wouldn’t reccomend an expensive 4a yoyo, I have a fiesta xx and i would reccomend it. And just a little story I started offstring on a dmII (which broke) then a fast 201 (which also broke). Yah 1a yoyos shouldn’t be used for 4a


Yoyojam makes the best offstring. Most major contest wins. Also they don’t cost a lot


That has nothing to do with whether they’re the best, and I’m not even sure it’s true. The Rextreme 2 is the most popular single competitive model because it’s good, easy to catch, and relatively cheap. Since you need like six yo-yos to compete in 4A it makes sense why you would see this a lot more than Japan Technology yo-yos, whose main competition models run $170-$200. Many of the best players in the world use Japan Technology though. Rei Iwakura is on team YYJ and the Rextreme 2 suits his style well, because soloham is crazy hard even with a wide yo-yo. He’s one of the only guys to win contests with the Rextreme 2 though. Japan Technology does nothing but 4A. I think they have a great deal of expertise in designing 4A yo-yos. At AP2014 the guys who got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were using the Ultimate Eagle, Eagle Eye, and Eagle Eye, respectively, btw.

(Former National 4A Champion) #15

One warning though.  YYJ offstring yoyos will eventually break.  The solid spin axle starts to slide through the plastic, especially when you drop the yoyo one horizontal tricks like spiderman.  The Rextreme is prone to cracking as well.  The JetSet EC is pretty popular, and I can see no flaw in it.
If you are willing to wait just a bit, my new signature yoyo, the Zeekio Saturn V is going to be released probably before the end of summer, perhaps even within two weeks.  It’s $40 and it is pretty much indestructable.

The Yoyoofficer gravity is also pretty popular i think.  The Fiesta should last you until you are a lot better, and it isn’t too expensive.

Here’s the thing though, when you are starting 4a it doesn’t matter what the best offstring yoyo is.  A beginner won’t care if their yoyo is the best in the world.  What a beginner needs is a durable, semi-large, long-spinning yoyo, if even that.  Get yourself a hayabusa - cheap, durable, very little maintenance, and it will take you all the way up to pro; then you can choose or yourself.


finally, I couldn’t find any opinions on the apollo 2. I really want to get one!


If you want to start 4A get a hayabusa, offsting MOD Spacers, and even size 2 yyj lateral caps if you want to fingerspin. It could take you from beginner to pro and is used by Lim Aik Hwee and Sean Perez before the SkyHawk protos started reaching them.


I had a Zeekio Apollo it broke so I got a new one and it broke. I do love the yoyo but not the durability so I got an Aeronaut And I love it! Still love zeekio but in the future if you make an offstring yoyo make it extremely durable. please.
Offstring for LIFE!