Starting 4A

I first dabbled with 4A two days ago. I was about to change a string on my protostar when I had a crazy thought. Let’s try 4A! It was super fun, but I had no idea what I was doing.

I want to start learning 4A, so equipment is of upmost importance. I have been looking at the Flight, Skyhawk, and Rextreme. What are the pros and cons of each yoyo? Which would best suit a novice?

I’d say go with the Flight. It’s cheap but plays great! Not saying that the Skyhawk or Rextreme aren’t great but I’ve never actually played them, just my Jetset EG. If you are simply starting out, the replacement cost at $25 is a lot easier to swallow than the other two which aren’t really all that bad to begin with either but not necessarily better as far as I know.

I’ve recently got into 4a and I’d say that both the skyhawk and flight are great 4a yoyos.

I got a rextreme a while back but they are pretty flimsy and I didn’t care for the shape in the hand, but then again it broke quite a while ago so I don’t remember it that well. I had the first version rextreme and it had an issue with the axle spinning freely and the yoyo wasn’t able to be unscrewed. I don’t know if this has been fixed yet in the newer versions, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

As for the skyhawk, is has taken quite a beating from me, still playing strong and I like the feel of it in the hand. I’m impartial to the bearing seat because it didn’t allow me use flowable silicone when the stock response fell out, not a big deal, but it might be fun to fiddle with if you have an extra A size bearing laying around. I use this one the most because I’m waiting to use the flight when I get a little better. I like the idea of having one beater and one looking a little better for now.

The flight is also great. The skyhawk was had a bit of vibe out of the package, but the flight has pretty minimal plastic vibe. As for play, the flight seems lighter, both are pretty stable, both have decent spin time. It’s hard to say because like I said I’m just starting. The flight is fingerspinable and the skyhawk is not.(Not that I know from personal experience)

For me I really like the skyhawk because it revived my interest in 4a after breaking my rextreme over a year ago. But the flight and skyhawk are probably around the same level of play as far as I know. Either will get you going and are very reasonably priced.

Hope this helps!

I do like the flight colors. Does anyone know if the Rextreme problem was fixed on the newer models?

No it was not as from my knowledge. And Yoyofactory Flight Or Duncan Skyhawk both have their own pros and con’s so both are good and check this reviews.(found it after 10 minutes of research)

Michael Nakamura knows his stuff.

Thanks for your ten minutes. Are you suggesting that I should have done this myself?

I am asking for help, because I need it. Yes I know how to use google. I dislike when people get bemoaned for asking for help in the “looking for recommendation” board. This is exactly what it’s for.

Again thanks for your ten minutes. I found the reading quite helpful. Your response as a whole put me off though.

Oh sorry I think you misread my post. There was a topic like this before in which sparkhawk provided this link.

Now when I saw your post I thought I should post that link.

First I tried finding on google couldn’t find it. So I browsed post on this forum section it was on page 3 I think. The post was left hanging as I was trying to find it.

So just was trying to create humor and I was going to do brush so that’s why wrote it.

So I hurried the post. Sorry once again. Sorry sorry.