Alright thinking about getting into 4A

Alright so I’m planning on getting into 4A (or at least attempt at it) so what’s a good beginner 4A Yoyo? My budget is no more than $50 (cause for a beginner more than 50 is absurd right?) anyways post away!

The YYR aeronaut is great and comes in so many colours.
My friends recently got into 4a and they bought yyj fiestas.
However, the new Duncan Skyhawk is probably the best you can get that isn’t a japan technology yoyo since their high end models are just on another level.

I’ve heard the sky hawk has a problem with the weight rings popping out after enough use, although they might have fixed it because yoyoexpert only stocked it recently but it was originally released a while ago.

The Go Big is a great, affordable option. I prefer the hard rubber rims over full plastic because it doesn’t cause as much damage or noise when it bounces off stuff. And it won’t chip like other plastics (my Fiesta has a couple small chips on the rims).

One drawback is that when you drop it, it does tend to run away from you a little more, but not nearly as bad as the Exodus with softer rubber rims.