Great starter 4a yoyo?


I have never tried proper 4a before, so I am looking for a good cheap budget 4a yoyo, preferably made with delrin. Also I wanna know what are your personal thoughts on the Flight, T1 Captain, and Skyhawk.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #2

i recommend the skylight.

The flight, is considerably fragile. Performs pretty well. You wont have the “gosh how do i replace the hubs” problem with the flight but the plastic can crack.

The T1- well i broke mine pretty fast. The Threads in the hub broke. Performs well though

Idk about the skyhawk

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Iyoyo 4a stuff is amazing! Worth the extra $ by a long shot imo. If your like me your prolly only gonna get one or two 4a throws, so I say make em good ones! Plus 4a fingerspins are epic!

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