4A YoYo


I am nearing completion of the yotricks 50 trick list, and am looking to try 4A. I am looking for something not to expensive, and I can easily use. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!


I hardly play 4A, but check out the YYF Flight. Cheap, durable, capable yoyo.


What’s too expensive for you? My favorite all-time offstring yoyo is the AirDive and that is $45.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

Flight for budget, Zeekio Apollo 2 or Saturn H for anything beyond that. Silverback King if you want something insdestructable and really stable for learning.

(yoyobro!) #5

I have only just started doing 4a so my opinion might not count for much but I looovvveee the AirDive!


I would also add that you should check out Mr Yoyo Thrower’s excellent 4A tutorial series videos.

MrYoyoM, didn’t you just win a Canadian competition in 4A? Was it the Canadian Nationals?