Looking For 2a & 4a Recommendations

Hi everyone. I’m wanting to break up the monotony of solely practicing/playing 1A & 5A, so I’ve decided to take the plunge into some other styles. I’m really not looking to break the bank, so I’ve set my budget around $50 for the whole purchase, excluding shipping. This can definitely be fudged, but of course I’d ideally like to have it around $50-ish.

For 2A:

YYF Loop 360:

I’m considering a pair of Loop 360’s. They don’t look too shabby for the price, and seem to be the best for their particular price range. You can’t really beat $16 for a pair of throws. If someone experienced in 2a could suggest something better for the price, I’m all ears. (Although I’m wary of anything with a Starburst response… They kinda wig me out as they seem like they’d be more prone to string breakage)

I’ve heard that 50/50 strings work the best for this style, so I suppose I should pick up a pack of them, as well as some extra pads. (Unless flowable silicone can be used in lieu of pads) Is there anything else I’ll need?

For 4a:

This is where I’m REALLY needing some guidance. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple different throws, but I really only have basic knowledge of what makes a great 4a yoyo.

Duncan Skyhawk:

Adegle Deneb:

YYJ Go Big

YYJ ReXtreme:

YoYoRec Aeronaut:

Would any of these be suitable for a beginner? I’m pretty opposed to anything with really soft rubber rims, as I’d rather not have it bounce across the room and break something/injure someone during my many inevitable drops haha. (It’ much more cost effective to buy a new offstring yoyo than it is to fix a dented guitar :P) I’d like to know which would be the best balance between performance and relative durability, as well as enabling me to learn a tad easier. Again, I’m totally open to suggestions from any experienced 4a players.


No one? :frowning:

For a beginner, loop 360s do fine. I would recommend something higher end so you can just get them and forget about it. My friend is a decent 2a player and will be able to give more detailed and knowledgeable input.

A good 4a throw is wide and durable. For a start, the yoyorecreation aeronaut is a good choice. Beaten up but still not broken. The duncan skyhawk is a good choice as well. Really, colour is the deciding factor, they’re both very good for the price.
Just don’t splurge on a 4a throw as a beginner, only to break it the next day. Get something cheap.
Honestly, you can train your accuracy if you start off with a YYJ Classic. It is incredibly durable.

Aeronaut if you want performance and Go Big if you want durability

as for 2a the 360 is meh but you can try starting with it. The 1080 is pretty fast in terms of looping but the preferred throw.

Thank you so much guys! I decided on the Aeronaut and 360’s. Almost decided to bite the bullet, toss my budget out the window, and grab a pair of 1080’s, but I figure I’d rather test the waters with the cheaper 360’s first since the difficulty with 2A seems to be the greatest. As for the Aeronaut, the extra width on it compared to the other (save the rextreme) is what sold me on it. Those couple millimeters will make a big difference I hope. And I’ll be doing my 4A primarily over pretty thick carpet and thicker grass if I decide to venture outdoors with it, so the durability issue wasn’t really of the utmost priority.

Thank you again for the tips! Can’t wait for mail day :slight_smile:

Good choice with Yoyofactory Loop 360 and Yoyorecreation Aeronaut.

That’s exactly what I thought when I bought my Loop 360s. I now have a YYJ Unleashed, which uses a Starburst response, and the difference in string wear compared to response pads is minimal. They also loop much differently with the same kind of string; I can do however many loops I want with a 360, while I can only do ~20 on the Unleashed before it UFOs because of how different it feels.

The Unleashed also seems to return faster, and has a smoother feeling, lower angled loop compared to the Loop 360s. So far I liked the Unleashed a LOT more, but you can get a pair of 360s for 1 Unleashed :smiley:

I’ve broken two aeronauts. They have decent durability. But they play great.

I guess I’ll have to do some more research into 2a throws once I’ve gotten a bit good at it. I might grab a pair of Adegle Macarons in another month or two so I can test the waters with starburst type responses. Assuming I take to 2a, that is. But I’m rather excited for the level of difficulty it’s going to present, and definitely ready to work to get good at it haha. And I’ve already mentally prepared myself to accept the inevitable bruises and string burn :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I’ve heard read a couple posts about them breaking. How long did they last for you? And how often do you play/drop? (if you don’t mind me asking that is) I’m not super worried about it breaking, seeing as I’ll be practicing over soft-ish substances like thick carpet and soft grass&soil as opposed to hardwood/concrete. I figure as long as I can get a couple months of enjoyment out of it I’ll be content. Anything more will be icing on the cake.

Everything should be getting here tomorrow (well, technically today I suppose) So I’m super excited ;D