Help me choose a yoyo for other styles

Hey fellow throwers! I’ve been looking into 2A, 3A, and 4A and I need help picking yoyos. I’m pretty much a beginner to all of these styles, and I’m looking into certain yoyos.

2A: I’ve never tried it before, and I’m looking into…
-YYF Loop 360
-Duncan Hornet
-Yomega Raider (with special 2A mod

3A: I’ve done it before with a protostar/onestar combo and shutter/cypher combo, but little enough that I can still be called beginner. I’m looking into…
-C3 Speedaholic
-YYF Onestar

4A: I’ve done a TINY bit of offstring with my hayabusa, but I want to get into 4A. I’m looking into…
-YYR Aeronaut
-YYJ Big Yo
-Duncan Skyhawk

Kyle  :wink: