2a & 4a?

Hey guys,

I started to get interested in 2a and 4a. I was wondering which type of yoyo i should buy. I have no idea what to buy for a looping yoyo. And everyone says to buy the aquarius by YYJ, but its sold out here at yoyo expert.

I was wondering what a good 4a yoyo i could buy here at yoyoexpert, besides the aquarius, like the offstring, big ben, or big yo.

thx ;D

Any 4a yoyo should be good. I ordered a big yo and have heard fantastic things about it, can’t wait to try it. The duncan hyabusa and flying panda are both really good throws too. Try out some of them.

For 2a, you just kind of have to take a shot in the dark and try a bunch. It’s still all about preference.
I use sunsets for 2a, but the loop 720, and some of the other 2a yo-yos on here are all going to be good. Just try them out until you find one you like.

And for the Aquarius, the b/s/t is chocked full of them. Just give it a quick search. ;D