2a and 4a and fixed axle.

I have 52$ or near those I mean I can go a just a bit high. These will be used to get free shipping by adding to my current order.

Now I want a 2a and 4a yoyo.

I don’t think I really now at the time want another 1a yoyo.

Even though the mail.

I have Duncan Skyhawk for 4a and yoyofactory loop 808 and Duncan Pulse for 2a.

I’m advanced in 2a and nearly beginner or intermediate in 4a.

I’ve thought of buying fiesta tres. But if have any other recommendations you can tell me.

For 2a I’ve not decided. It looks like raider is the best but how hard is it to mod?

And even recommend me a wooden fixed axle I already have a pro fly.
Yeah recommend me a 2a and 4a yoyo in a budget of 52$.

And recommend fixed axle in any budget

For 4A, get a YYF Flight. Amazing offstring throw for the price.