4A Recommendation



I’m looking to purchase a new 4A yoyo… I currently own a ‘Flight’, but feel like there is probably betters ones out there now I’ve gotten a good grasp of the basics.

The store I normally purchase from in the UK has a ‘Contrail’ and a ‘JetSet EG’ available, however would these be recommended above say a ‘SkyHawk (which my store doesn’t sell)’?



Yes. The contrail and jetset eg are much better than the skyhawk. Skyhawk has a very narrow gap. I highly suggest the the icebreaker which is pretty much top of the line performance and price wise. Good luck man!


When I talked to Bryan Figueroa he recommended 4A yoyos on the lighter side for beginners, but that’s all I got!

(Jacob Waugh) #4

The YYR Supercell came out not that long ago:


You’re not wrong. But to me it was too big and over priced. But we all have our own preferences.

(Jacob Waugh) #6

I don’t play 4A, I just saw it and posted it here.


The iyoyo off strings throws are next level!


I’m not much of a 4a player but the Jetset EG is always highly recommended by 4a players


Thanks… i think this is my next purchase!

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #10

I would recommend Iyoyo offstring yoyos (almost all of them are amazing tbh) , or the throwrevolution offstring yoyo (cant remember name), Duncan pandominium is good as well.