It's a shame! The Aquarius will be missed.......

It’s a shame…
that the Aquarius has been discontinued as it has been the main “gun” for many a 4A player…but it’s just as disheartening that 2 of the online retailers decided to nearly double the price at the end.

I heard that yoyojam will be makeing the replacement yoyo for the discontinued aquarius.
Hope it will be better than aquarius.

I’m sure that they will come with a new yoyo…
Just look from the positive side…

Lol, this happened quite a while ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, the YoYoJam Fiesta!

Vivo, any pic of it?
Yoyojam fiesta? Would be nice

I saw Brian Figueroa with one (a fiesta) at Cal States


Ask Josh! (Jayyo) He tried one from Brian. So lucky.

I cant wait to see it, Yoyojam rarely makes yoyos while yoyo factory makes one like every month ;D

Doesn’t really mean he has pics. I tried one out, it’s beast, The shape is a angular butterfly and the outside half of the yoyo is raised above the other half (kinda like raised rims, except there isn’t any rims.

played Brian’s Fiesta at PNWR.

Its pretty dope. just saying

What do you mean by the word dope?

Random Question: I rea somewhere, I think theyyj blog, Grant has a prototype of the infinity, I think a signature yoyo or something.

Dope means awesome, amazing, etc.

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