Will Kill For An Aquarius

As long as its not a beater, and vibe does not affect the play I want it, extra money if Mint

I have a girl I need you to get rid of.

You get half before, half after.

PM me and we will work out the details :wink:


No but for reals, any of you have Aquarius’s for sale?

Why do you want an aquarius? They aren’t durable. (i’ve broken atleast 6 of them.) And they had awful snagging/ gap issues.

I recommend the GO BIG. But if you really want an aqua there are a few for sale on another store…

First of all, this is a BST, not a discussion topic. Second, the Aquarius is a fine 4A throw, and is quite durable. Third, even though you didn’t use a name it is INCREDIBLY rude to mention another store on a forum sponsored by a store.


Many yyj team members loathed the aquarius for its significant shortcomings. And since yoyoexpert hasn’t carried that yoyo for a long time (and won’t be ever again.) I’m not doing them a disservice by mentioning that its available elsewhere.

Considering that this is a BST and not a discussion forum please PM me if you have a problem. Thanks.

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That tends to be what happens when a yoyo gets discontinued…

I know a place with NEW IN THE BOX units available for sale.

Doesn’t get more mint than that unless you throw in a sprig of mint.

I also have two in this condition from the same place, still NOT unboxed in their shipping box from that place because I’m trying to make an unboxing video.

PM me for details


Funny, the Aquarius was a signature yoyo for a certain player ( I know his name I just don’t know how to spell it )
And he certainly loved that yoyo, if you have broken an Aquarius, one of the most durable yo-yos ever (trust me I’ve tried one) than you definitely won’t be throwing my Go Big or Equinox.

Plus this is not a discussion section this is a BST.

Chris, we have talked about this on Facebook :wink: