a lot of yoyos for trade! Come check this post out and repond

Hey guys … I’m starting to downsize my collection. I have a lot to offer so see what you like. Most of my yoyos are in mint condition. I am in need of a clear die, 888, superstar, trainwreck 1st edition (Tyler severance), a hectic, m1 and any other good offers. I am willing to trade/sell my dv888, Duncan butterfly, dark magic, speed beetle, freehand zero, sunset trajectory, legacy, and maybe my Aquarius. Please repond if you are interested or have any of my needed yoyos. Also if you have any other yoyo offers repond and we can work out a deal. I pretty much like all the companies except yoyojam so let me know as I am willing to take any company

I am also looking for a hyperfreehand and a g5

No need for the double post, you can just edit the first. Also, as a suggestion I would put your wants second and I would put them not in paragraph form so it is easier to pick them out.

Also, please delete your other topic that is identical to this except for the title.

Do you have some pics of the Aquarius? I might be interested.

Sorry I’m on my itouch so it’s hard… I’m going to get some pix of the Aquarius up… Any offers?

I might want the Aquarius. I am looking to get a 4a yoyo but I’m not sure whether I want one of those or a BigYo 2.

I recommend an Aquarius to start 4a. I got the Big Yo after I got a strong throw. It snags a lot when you’re just learning.

Oh I actually already do 4a with my Spinfaktor, I just would like to get an actual 4a yoyo sometime. Thanks though.


if you are going to the IYYO i have a dinged up hectic that i am willing to sell for 53$ PLUS a CW and a extra stainless steel bearing. There are a decent amount of dings but none affect play, also if you have a genesis i am willing to give you everything i listed PLUS 20$

I think he does.

HE HAS A GENESIS??? is he going to the IYYO? if you are i will trade you there :o

what for the dark magic

im not sure thats a good deal but maybe in a week or 2 i could get the dm but im not sure yet

its a greaet deel its basically mint