A lot of yoyos for trade! Co

Hey guys … I’m starting to downsize my collection. I have a lot to offer so see what you like. Most of my yoyos are in mint condition. I am in need of a clear die, 888, superstar, trainwreck 1st edition (Tyler severance), a hectic, m1 and any other good offers. I am willing to trade/sell my dv888, Duncan butterfly, dark magic, speed beetle, freehand zero, sunset trajectory, and maybe my Aquarius. Please repond if you are interested or have any of my needed yoyos. Also if you have any other yoyo offers repond and we can work out a deal. I pretty much like all the companies except yoyojam so let me know as I am willing to take any company

cold fusion for a dv888 its mint condition no scratches or dings

Pics of dv888? I’d trade my mint frantic for it, its aqua with a sweet red sili job pics are in here http://s549.photobucket.com/albums/ii377/MitchGinder/

how much will you sell the dark magic yo-yo.

You should probably actually post pictures of the yoyos, to make sure they know what they aregetting, and what condition they are.

Sorry guys but the dv888 is just about locked in another deal if that deal falls through I’ll let you know… I would like a trade for the dark magic but if not 35 dollars would be good for me it’s in excellent condition