does anyone have information on when it will be released?
i want one so badly :confused:
please post any info or reviews if you won one, or got to try one already.

see www.yoyofactory.com

if anyone cares about this amazing yoyo, its comes out tommorow.
its in the every1 series, and i think its only gonna cost 10 to 15 dollars.

Its basicly just another stackless PGM…

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I got to try one at MWC. That is what i call a bang for a buck.

its basically a 10$ plastic that performs, cheap yoyos are awesome.
im getting one for my girlfriend and myself.
and ive seen they have some pretty great colors.

Tempted to try one of these but kind of want to wait for some feedback first (such as weight, stability, smoothness…). Maybe a pair of them so I can mix up the halves.

it’s really light at about 56 grams.

to people who have tried them… is there a big difference between this and a one?

The WHiP looks like a great piece of kit.

It’s price is fantastic too.

It’s far to light for me though, I like a throw with a bit of Mass.


i bought four ahaha

oh my. ._.

I’m just gonna get a white one. been dying for a white yoyo. tried for a white pgm, but those are quite rare.

They say its advanced. I say no. Many of my friends hate it aswell. For $10 its good. Its not like any advanced player will be happy with this at all.

hater, maybe you should work on your throw untill good enough to use a plastic.

I Got a White Whip and got it came today and I must say that it’s a Pretty Sweet Piece of Plastic that is Not Just a Stackless PGM

Although Yes it is Stackless, It’s actually Smaller then the PGM by a little (Wth & Dia) and the holes for the bolt and nut are a itty bitty smaller (where on the PGM Stacks would fit). I have a Terrible camera but here is a pic of mine or two

I think a lot of advanced players can have fun with it. I have fun with my one, and it’s not particularly ground breaking.

I think i can get it next week after my dad gets paid on Friday. It seems like a good yoyo.

My friend has a blue whip and it plays better than the pgm and many other yoyos out there

i just bought one last night

i did

seriously loving the whip more and more everyday, its a great throw.