One or Whip?

Hey I’m new to yoyo-ing and I’m deciding between getting the yyf whip or the yyf One. I can kinda bind but not so much but I’m sure I’ll get it with some practice. Either would be my first ever yoyo. Which one do you guys think I should get? Please help.

Get the One and start with responsive play. Actually, get the Starbrite and enter unresponsive play. No, screw that, get a Stackless Grind Machine… wait, PSG or Asteroid? No… Kickside? Speed Maker? Lyn Fury? Hmmmm…

The ONE and WHIP are just too light, but the ONE is a fantastic starter yoyo that can get you to advanced play no problem. With the lack of weight, spin time is reduced, but it does force you to land cleaner to avoid extra slow-downs. The WHIP is unresponsive, period, and is light like the ONE. The rest I mentioned are good weights, but very different performance characteristics. The Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury start off being responsive but can be made more unresponsive through little adjustments, easy mods you can do without tools and similar simple, inexpensive “no tool needed” things. That being said, the Lyn Fury is a fantastic value in that category.

Legacy II: Better weight, 2 bearings. Start with your responsive basics, work through the trick list, then when you’re ready, pop in the wider bearing and get into the cooler advanced stuff when you’re binding. I know it costs more, but it’s worth it. DM2 is nice if you want plastic/metal and is still one of my hands-down favorites.

The others I recommended are good too but some require a but more knowledge, such as bearing maintenance and siliconing stuff, which you may not want to screw with just yet.

I feel the Legacy II, despite being more, is the better choice.

Thanks, but I would kinda prefer if you could just help me decide between those two. Maybe I can try those another time. But I really wanna start out with the ONE or the WHIP.

Get both! :slight_smile:
They’re kind of cheap at only $10 each.
But if you can only buy one I’d go with the whip.
The whip is better at grinding than the one and it’s a better performer.
I like both for practicing new tricks and they’re pretty good pocket yoyos.
Both of them are good to teach your friends with aswell! :smiley:

If you can bind AND don’t care about responsive play:

If you are new and need responsive play and/or need responsive play as an option(or unresponsive play), order the ONE in the two-bearing packaging(no DVD).

The 2012 ONE is a better grinder than the 2011 version. The WHIP can grind better though. IRG’s aren’t good on either.

I would recommend whip. It’s way more awesome then ONE!

If you have your heart set on one of those two (I’d suggest reconsidering) then I’d get the Whip for sure.

If you do want to change your mind, I agree. Legacy 2 is a solid choice for unresponsive play.

I can totally see frustration on your face… get the One, it comes w/ two bearings, you’ll learn off the thin, switch to the wide and grow some more…

Essentially they are the same throw, the whip just looks a bit more like a competition throw…

What you will find, as is what these guys are more or less telling you, is you will outgrow either of them pretty fast.

If you can bind (even if it’s only 30% of the time) you’re already ahead of the game, and likely to get bored with either of them right away… seriously consider spending about $6 more and grab either a PSG (not PGS, aka Plastic Grind Machine) or an Asteroid - I think the Asteroid is the better of the two, it plays great, good catch zone, and you’ll go further with it compared to Whip or One. - both the PSG and Asteroid play like a $30+ throw

Btw - I love to give away Whips and Ones to friends who think they want to learn
they’re gateway throws :wink:

I haven’t outgrown my ONE or WHIP.

I have a 2011 ONE I keep responsive. My 2012 I keep unresponsive. When I feel I’m doing tricks pretty good, I’ll pull these out and see if I’m doing them with enough force behind my throw. When I’m in a painful mood, I’ll pop out the 2011 ONE(my responsive one) and see how well I can do with tricks when the yoyo is responsive. Since I’m not doing massive string layers yet,this is OK, however, tricks like kwijibo are going to be impossible for me on that yoyo for quite some time.

I do agree that many people do outgrow these fast. I just see things differently. People get the ONE, and more often than not, they are done. Even worse, they get a WHIP, and they can’t bring it back without doing a bind, and here they are, can’t even throw and nobody to help them, it’s a recipe for disaster. But at least these are inexpensive, which misleads people into thinking they are junkers, because they aren’t. The thing is that you have to hope whoever is selling these is trying to ensure the right yoyo gets into the right hands, especially for beginners. I think that’s why YYF, among many other brands, aren’t being sold through the traditional big box stores, even though they have quality stufff at “safe for peg pricing”.

Stores such as AtoZ, Learning Express and a few others we know of are probably staffed with a “yoyo knowledgable person” who is willing to take your money, but also can answer questions and get noobs started. I have no idea what AtoZ sells a ONE for, but I know that Sunshine Kite Company in Redondo Beach sells them for $13. YoYoExpert sells them for $10. What do you get for that extra $3? Knowledge, advice, pointers, help and maybe even lessons. For a noob, this is well worth the extra money. Again, YYE is more than willing to take your money, he can’t help everyone personally, but he can sell to everyone. However, watching the learning videos here does answer a LOT of noob questions. I also find having a “yoyo knowledgeable person” behind the counter at a walk-in store helps generate sales.

So many choices. So many good under $20 choices! So many good choices under $25 even! At this point, you’re looking to expand and upgrade. That’s good. You’re into it. We all like that. Spoil yourself a bit. I went from a big box store and buying a Reflex and Imperial to upgrading a week later and buying a Dark Magic II from YYE, but I also decided “I’m gonna do this”, so the money made sense as well.

You can bind!! Yes! Even 30% of the time, which means with more practice, you’ll be at 98% fast. Consider some of the unresponsive only yoyos under $20.Serious, the Adegle PSG and Asteroid at $16 each are awesome. The YYF stackless Grind Machine is like $12 and the Starbrite is like $17. With shipping,you’re under $25 for most of these. The stackless Grind Machine will ensure you stay under $20 and you know what, this is a pretty nice yoyo with a stupid low price and great performance and has a good 5A shape if you get into that later. The PSG is also 5A friendly.

put simply, whip > one
They play incredibly similarly, but the whip can grind, the one can’t. Since you can already bind, you don’t really need the responsive bearing.

Which version of the ONE do you have? The 2012 has a redesign and the surface is slightly textured. The 2011 is smooth and is really horrible for grinds, but good at a lot of other stuff.

The WHIP still grinds better. A lot better.

I say go with the ONE. It’s a great starters yoyo. Even if you know how to bind, there’s always the option to go responsive.

I know you’re trying to decide between these two, but I say go with the Yoyojam Lyn Fury. It’s kinda like the ONE but it’s heavier. It’s responsive but you can rip out the rings, silicone it, and possibly clean the bearing, and then you have a great unresponsive plastic.

I wouldn’t pick either out of all the cheap plastics but I enjoyed the whip a lot more than the one. Both are way too light but if you want either I prefer the whip.

I didn’t know they redesigned it, I have the 2011 one.

honestly though @op - a psg or asteroid would probably be much better choices. You seem to have your heart set on one of these though. Which they’re good yoyos, just there are better out there for not much more.