Best Responsive YoYo under $20?

I apologize! I promise, this will be my last new topic for the foreseeable future!

I’m getting the Shooting Star as my unresponsive choice heading back into yo-yoing after a number of years away. I was going to ‘refurbish’ my Yomega Raider (new bearing, string, lube, etc) to use as my responsive choice, but I’ve decided to just go with a new responsive yo-yo instead. I want to stay under $20 so that will mean my total cost of my two new yo-yos is under $50.

So, in your opinion, what is the best responsive yo-yo under $20?

I’ve tried to search and read as much as I could to see what responsive yo-yos might be a great option and here are a few that I’ve found: AoE, Arrow Elite, Speedaholic (not XX version), DV888, Loop720, Hornet, Sunrise, and others. I’m sure you may have other recommendations that are better than these.

Again, I appreciate all your help and patience as I journey back into yo-yoing!

Have a fantastic week!



What style of tricks are you trying to do with it? Like do you want a yoyo that is focused on looping tricks or a more well rounded yoyo that is helpful for string tricks?

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The shooting star comes with a Responsive Bearing in it. Why not just get 2 of them. Set one up with the unresponsive bearing it comes with?

If you want a Modern Responsive Yoyo, I recommend looking into the Origen in your price range.


i love my magicyoyo locus v6 personaly


Get a Whip. It’s pretty much the only responsive yoyo I actually play with. You can also swap the bearing and make it unresponsive, if you want.


Definitely need more info into what style you want to play.

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I considered the two Shooting Stars idea, but just thought I’d like some variety since I’m just getting back into yo-yoing…to sort of figure out what I like in a yo-yo. But definitely considered doing exactly what you suggested!

Haven’t read anything about the Origen but I’ll check it out.

Thank you for your help!


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Whip is the best/cheapest imho.

Recess First Base is arguably the best, with a few similar offerings from YYF, Magic and others being pretty comparable. Shooting Star is good too.

Duncan Freehand One current model is good for solely responsive.


At that price point? ORIGEN. Hands down.


:arrow_up:This, Origen is hard to beat


No biggie. There’s a lot!!!

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Id say spend the extra $5 and get a Freehand one. Definitely my favorite responsive yoyo.

The whip is alot of fun too and it’s super cheap. You can put an unresponsive bearing in it as well.

There’s a Speedaholic that is responsive that sells for $12 that I also been curious about. Has anyone tried one?


Feels like dejavu.


I’ll second the yoyofactory whip and whatever number we’re at recommending the Duncan freehand. I play with both frequently.


I third this!! It’s such a great yoyo!

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Since I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be using the responsive yo-yo for (other than whenever I don’t use the unresponsive Shooting Star) until I get more into learning tricks and seeing what I’m lacking in a yo-yo, I guess I better shoot for a more well rounded responsive yo-yo.

As far as the Duncan Freehand yo-yo, I see the prices for it range from $15.99 to $29.99 model - what are the differences? Can this yo-yo be used as a responsive yo-yo with and without the counter weight?

Again, thank you for all the help and the patience!



The Freehand 1 is a great yoyo. It absolutely can be played without the counter weight. Just play it like a normal yoyo.

The price difference is based on Release Quantity. Essentially all the yoyos are the same, made from the same mold. The only difference is how rare that particular design was. So just pick the one that tickles your fancy.


I literally just made a video with the regular speedaholics as responsive yoyos!

The pads they come with are too thick, but i replaced them with some slim ones and they work like a charm. No spin cups for finger spins but i am happy to carry these around for funsies.

To the author: They are alright. I would personally skip the Arrow. I have one but it feels like anworse plastic than the shooting star/speedaholic xx models if im being honest.

The Origen is probably a bunch of bang for the buck, i passsed on that one cuz there are other slim line yoyos that just seem more fun to me though. Id rather spring up for a PLTPS or something else thats new myself.

Your raider is going to be a good looper. No reason not to restring it and stick a bearing in there.

If you want like a really cheap responsive, try a duncan xt or a spinstar. Good super cheap butterfly yoyos. Arrow or similar if you want responsivr finger spins at around $15 but thats about all i use mine for so may as well go to something better. I dont know the AoE but maybe a good option too.

Take a swing at something cool lol. I have a freehand on its way to me, im going to see if i can manage some 5A with it.

Here is the responsive speedaholic


Man. That thing rages in that black light!!

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It really does. Im about to do as much modern responsive march as I can with it lol.

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