YYF One or Whip?

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well, the whip is unresponsive, but the one comes with two bearings, one responsive, one not. If you know how to bind, get the whip, If you don’t get the one.

I like the one because its more flexible

Alright, first off, how can the One be more flexible?? They are both polycarbonate. Second, they can both be responsive and unresponsive. Both come with 2 bearings. They can both became unresponsive with a simple bearing change.

if you’re a beginner, get the one, if you are around or above advanced level (yye tricks as a reference), get the whip

both are great but they’re VERY different, the one is clearly beginner oriented, while the whip is more designed towards advanced players

the whip is very fast too

Yes if you are ready for a unresponsive yoyo, I say get the whip. But if you are just starting off, get the One. And yes, they both could be unresponsive and responsive, but to it would have to take some modding to do which I dont recommend if you are beginning.

And I don’t think they both come with two bearings, when I got my One it didn’t. And it doesnt say anywhere in the description that the whip comes with two. If anyone knows please post

Hope this helped ?uestion

EDIT: Yup, the one comes with two bearings.

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By flexible he means can be repsonsive or unresponsive. the whip only comes with one bearing, which is unresponsive. the one can come with a responsive bearing, and an unresponsive one.


the whip comes with 1 standard C size bearing
the one comes with 2 bearings (responsive/unresponsive) OR 1 bearing (responsive) and a DVD

If your a complete begginer why don’t you get a prelude it is responsive but can take you to Intermediate or maybe advance, because I heard the YYF on is a little vibey, and if you want to try hubstack yoyo buy the whip but it is unresponsive so you need to learn how to bind

never heard of the prelude, the one is nice to begin, cheap (ten bucks) and does everything well. it’s not that hard to learn how to bind. I don’t know how the prelude is

also the whip does not have hubstacks

Also never heard of the Prelude. Just commenting on the ONE:

At $10, it’s a decent item for the money, especially when you get the package with the 2 bearings. As far as does everything well, I just wanted to clarify: This is a v-shaped yoyo, so it’s designed for string tricks, not looping stuff unless you want to put some thick lube in there. Start with the smaller bearing that is installed at the factory, then when you progress, swap out the smaller bearing for the C-bearing, learn your bind and then keep on throwing.

I have a ONE, and I have a WHIP on order that will ship soon. My order is being held for another item to come in. YYE and I are cool with this arrangement, I came up with it. The customer service rocks!

Regarding the WHIP, I think it needs to be said again that it is not hubstack compatible(without a mod). I haven’t taken the caps off my ONE, but I think the illusion is that the WHIP could be hubstacked because of the center hub and the way it appears. I think this is done for durability for the axle and to add some weight. I’m fairly sure the ONE is the same way underneath the caps.

I’m only getting the WHIP because it’s so inexpensive. This goes with a larger end goal of exposing kids to the yoyo in schools as another alternative to sitting on the couch and watching TV/playing games/vegging in front of the computer. This way when kids and parents ask about prices, they can be pointed to inexpensive models as well as more expensive models. A low buy-in point makes yoyo more attractive to parents to initially support when their kid expresses an interest. The logic is to either start on the cheap because if the interest dies, the losses are minimum, but if the interest takes off, then they won’t have an issue upgrading.

As I’ve said, I have the ONE. It’s fun, I like it. I keep mine responsive for now. I might get another and have one be unresponsive. I look forward to the WHIP. Since both are plastic and inexpensive, I can carry the pair in my cargo shorts, and if I’m out over a hard surface, I got a throw that I won’t mind if it gets some dings in it. And if someone says “hey, let me try”, I can take out the responsive ONE and let them have a try. Also, when I’m going to practice, I will often throw the ONE a few times to get warmed up since I don’t want to bind, I just want to throw and return and get my throw straight and maybe do some simple tricks. After a minute or so, I’m onto my Dark Magic II for my main practice. But that’s what I like to do. But, sometimes I just start right up with the DM2.

My biggest issue is making a recommendation. I enjoy all my yoyos for different reasons except my Duncans because I need to get rid of the friction stickers and replace it with silicone stickers. Other than that, so far I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve thrown. But if I had to make a recommendation, it would be this:
If you’re new or new-ish, get the ONE. The two bearings make it “two yoyos in one”, so by all means, get the package with the second bearing. It should last you a long time.
If you’re able to bind, then go with the WHIP. Lacking the second bearing, the odds are that more was put into the yoyo(say, plastic and hence weight), making it a more “solid performer”. The only way you will most likely NOT like the WHIP is if you’re a beginner and not ready to learn to bind yet because it ships unresponsive. I’m also not sure if the axle will support a smaller bearing installed.

Both are so affordable, why not both?

YYF needs to come out with a solid performing budget ball-bearing looper too. If it ends up in the $10 range, then that would rock. Imagine being able to do “anything” except 4A for under $50: 2 loopers and 2 wing-shapes. I think a 4A throw would have to run around $12-15 at least, and YYE already has those options on the site.

aren’t loop 900 around $15 a pop ? not sure as I’m not into looping but I think they’re not expensive and excellent loopers

the whip is less stable than the one, but it plays very fast very easily. once its rev goes down, it’ll tilt way more than the “one”, to the point where it’s harder to snap start it as it’ll tilt almost right away.

if you already know how to correct your inclination “on the go”, then you’ll be fine with the whip

Loop 900’s are around $25 each. I’m choosing to go Unleashed at $18 each. But think about parents and kids. Do you want to spend $36-50 for a pair of looping yoyos for a kid? No, wait until they show something that merits spending money.

Really? The whip isn’t as stable? That will be interesting to see. I’m not changing my order. I can’t correct on the go yet, but hey, one more thing to learn, right? Plus, I can’t snap start yet. I have LOTS to look forward to learning.

However, if what Hadoq says is true, then I gotta lean more towards the ONE. But I haven’t played a WHIP myself yet.

The whip is fairly stable and rather quick during play, but it quickly loses its stability as the revs drop, the one does it too, but it’s more noticeable and quicker with the whip.

I like both of these yoyos and they’re very different from one another, the “one” is definitely the beginner throw, while the “whip” looks more like YYF’s budget plastic line (below the proto/northstar line), like some sort of “fundaplastic”

the whip is worth getting if you can already play

Well, then cool on the WHIP alert. I’ve already paid for one and it should ship when the rest of my order arrives.

Other items in my “want” list include a protostar. I just need to see what all the love is over the protostar and a few other affordable throws, so it seems to me to make sense to add them to the collection and experience it first hand.

I think at this point, a lot of stuff has been thrown at the original poster. Hopefully they can decide. I’m glad I’ll have both.

I agree with hadoq about the nature of the whip when it starts slowing down. I have been working on Skin the Gerbil with a Whip and usually when I try to come out to bind… I go into a UFO due to low RPMS. The Whip needs to be played with a fast spin due to the lack of body mass. I still love the size and shape for me. I want a metal copy and I think I found one in a knock off brand that we are not supposed to talk about.

Ive played with both the ONE is much better in my opinion. The whip is unstable.

the whip becomes good once

  1. you can throw hard and make it spin fast
  2. your play and throw have not much tilt issue and you can perform corrections “on the fly”

then it’s a very fun throw

but yea, to begin with, the one is where it’s at

Taking that a step further, it almost seems like that makes the Whip an important tool to have, which makes me all the more happy to have purchased one.

1: Anything that can force me to do something to improve my “game” is a good thing. Now, if my throw is week, the yoyo won’t let me get away with it. Solution: THROW HARDER and BETTER.
2: It will force me to clean up my technique.

So, I’ve bought one so I was sold on it anyways, but for the price it’s hard to ignore. Now, I’m really sold on it if I can use it to help how I throw in general.

This thread has been a great read thus far considering I have been looking into both of these. Not to steal the thread from ya OP I’m just more or less thanking you for posing this question as it was mine last night :slight_smile: but at ten bucks a pop each I may just grab both of em and play the ONE more since I’m still beginning and still working on my bind!