YoYoFactory WHiP

I will now review the yyf whip. :slight_smile:

First impressions:
Out of the box, this is a neat looking little yoyo. It comes in a yoyofactory signature box, beautifully displaying the throw within. The whip comes in a wide array of colors, red, orange, green, white, black, Ann edition bubblegum etc. I got mine in lime green. Where a metal yoyos’ logo/brand engraving would be, there are stickers on the whip. One side says WHiP yoyofactory, and the other just has the whip whip whip background and the Made in etc.

How does it play?
I’ve been throwing the whip for a good month or so now, to get its full effect. I definitely have some problems with it (and I have to say I prefer my Cupcake ;)) but that isn’t fair to the Whip. It’s actually an excellent beginner/intermediate throw and a great yoyo for pros and experts who just want to mess around, practice combos, or who don’t want to mess up their high end metals learning tough tricks.
A big problem for me, though, is the weight. I know that it’s just a plastic yoyo and all, but if it weighed a little bit more, I feel like this thing could be a little plastic monster on the end of a string. I think I have a pretty good, hard sleeper, but this yoyo sleeps JUST long enough (sometimes) to get me through my longest combo, which really isn’t that long at all. Maybe max 30 seconds? I don’t know.

Should you get it?
As your first unresponsive yoyo? Heck yes, in my opinion. Just to mess around with? Heck yeah! To compete with? I’m gonna have to say no to that haha. :slight_smile:

For real, though:
This is a good plastic, and I really do recommend it to beginner - intermediate players alike, and I’m sure pros and experts could make this thing look like a freaking CLYW Arctic Circle or something, they always do :wink:

Anyway, I think that concludes my review, if you have any comments, questions, or any kind of feedback, leave it below and I’ll do my best to write back! Thanks for reading!

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Great review. The whip was my first unresponsive yoyo but now I have high end yo-yos and it seems terrible but I still throw it sometimes. I feel the same way you do with weight and all that.

thank you! It is just too dang light, huh? As I said in the review, I much prefer my Cupcake, but there are some days when I throw nothing but the Whip. It just has this feel that I can’t resist. It’s my out of the house go-to for sure. I don’t really care about dinging or damaging it, but above all, it’s a pretty decent player for a plastic yoyo.

That’s how I felt about my whip… I agree with all you said, its to lite though!!