Yoyofactory Whip

This yoyo deserves much better that to be placed in the category of beginner!

It plays more like what I would consider an intermediate. The yoyo spun nice and smooth directly out of the package, with little or no break-in. Its response is smooth without being snappy like others I’ve played. Its quiet, stable and generally well behaved on the string.

Being a retuning player that was stuck in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it is a joy to find a modern yoyo that is simple and brings back the joy of playing. With this yoyo my play is more relaxed than it has ever been. I have spent quiet a lot of money on things I believed I needed. This simple yoyo has quickly earned its way to the top-self of my favorites after only a few hours of play.


That’s the Joy of Yoyo! I’m glad you love it!

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The Whip is a fantastic little throw.


Alright, guys. Now I gotta get out MY Whip! Too many yoyos, too few hours in each day. I can’t TAKE it!


YYF Whip is great!