YYF Whip

The whip is one of those EL cheapo beginner yo yos but as my first unresponsive yo-yo it brought me pretty far.
you can check out the specs on YYE but it has a C bearing and silicone pads but is slightly responsive and does not tolerate alot of layering which is very aggravating in more advanced tricks. It is also very light 54g which i think is great for getting the feel of a yo-yo on string but without the momentum the spin time is cut down(another pain).

I know Ann Connolly uses one from time to time but her’s has a concave bearing which prevents the string from causing the yoyo to tilt (which happens constantly with the standard flat C). Also she is crazy good and is used to using higher quality and heavier yoyos so don’t let the videos fool you; it is a difficult throw to pull off anything past a spirit bomb with.

But as a beginner or intermediate player this yoyo it is absolutely fantastic.

Pros: EL cheapo, fairly unresponsive, light (if you like that kinda thing), versatile Ie. grind grooves (grinds are possible with this yoyo).
Cons: Light (if you hate that kinda thing), semi-unstable, fairly short spin time(1-2 minutes), not great for very advanced tricks
Final thoughts: great beginner yoyo highly recommended, buy one if you want to learn from good ol Andre Boulay, and get into the yoyo world.

Not that bad of a yoyo.
I would know, I have had 3.
No, not at the same time.
The only problem I have ever experienced with it is that time when my brother took a chunk of plastic out of it…
Good times.
Anyway, Great Review!
I agree 100% with this review.

Great review 2 ;).

Nice review. The Whip was my first “real” unresponsive yoyo too! (Metal Drifters dont count :wink:

Heres an observation and question for Whip owners: As I have progressed and bought other yoyos (nothing fancy, Protostar, PSG, Trigger) I have observed that the Whip might not be a excellent choice for beginners, as it is touted to be. Heres why: As a beginner, I was just learning to throw. I did not have a good “snap” to my throw and was not generating good spin speeds. The Whip would die out very quickly, leaving me very little time to complete even simple tricks. This was a source of frustration. I know that this unforgiving nature can be percieved as a teaching tool to hone and perfect ones throw, but that approach sure wasn’t for me!

My next throw was a Protostar and wow, the difference in spin time off even a sloppy or weak throw was amazing. The Protostar allowed me to work on and perfect all the tricks from the beginner through the Advanced Part 1 section that I had previously been struggling on because of my yoyo dying.

Looking back, I think I would have been happier as a beginner by buying a full-weight throw with great spin time for my first unresponsive yoyo. Your thoughts on this?

Funny you say that i was the same way (metal drifter n all) and im starting to believe the same thing i threw a popstar (alot heavier) and i fell in love with it just because it was smoother and slept longer and played on the string a million times better and was more controllable. If i would have bought a protostar id be wayy better than what iam right now, but the whip is defenitly good to get the feel of a yoyo.

I pulled a 2 minute combo on mine… It’s all about technique…

Might i ask how long youve been throwing/ what do you normally use?

wow i want see a video of that o.O! I play 2 years now.have a whip and cant pull a 2 minute combo. I cant believe it -.-. Hmm maybe because my play style is fast ^^. Csn you make a video please?

I agree with the lightness factor. It is reaally light. Good thing is you won’t bust your knuckles with it when learning a new trick. All said I love mine. I have the Ann Connoly version so it has the KK in it, maybe that’s why i like it so much. I think it should be standard. I normally never play with plastics but this one brought me back to them.

Nice Review. I would like to suggest some pictures though.

I started off with a Whip and a Trigger. I was lucky enough to have a friend to give me both when he realized I wanted to learn how to throw. I like that combo because the whip I would use to learn the basics of the trick, if I hit something or the floor…or myself. It doesn’t matter cause it is a budget throw. But to refine the trick and make it smooth I would then throw the trigger. I still use my whip, but mostly now I use it to loan to people who might want to throw. I don’t have the issue where it doesn’t spin for a nice amount of time. but then again I put a 10 ball bearing in it after i received it. A Fair and Solid review about a solid beginner throw.