yyf Whip?

I’m new to yoyo-ing and I’ve been looking at a yyf whip for a while, and people say really good stuff about it. But I need an extra push to convince me before I get it. What do you guys think?

It’s a good yoyo for beginners who know how to bind, only problem is that it doesn’t sleep long because of it’s weight.

I have one, it’s a decent beginner throw. however, as Xore said, it’s light. like, only 56 grams or something like that. This means its spin times aren’t and never will be that great, without modding or weight rings. If you’re looking for a good yoyo, and know how to bind, Adegle’s Asteroid
or PSG
are two really good, solid yoyos for only a couple bucks more.
If you don’t know how to bind, Yoyofactory’s FAST 201
gives you the ability to start off completely responsive, then work your way to string tricks by adjusting the gap. It’s the same price as the Whip

Hope this helps!


I have the Whip. It’s nice, but it’s too light, which cuts down spin times. I find it’s a great “Cheap” yoyo. Cheap being in price only. It’s otherwise nice and durable, good size and feel, it’s just too light. That’s really my only complaint about this.

Other stuff in the under $20 range:

The Adegle Asteroid and PSG are great.

The YYJ Lyn Fury is great, but it’s initially somewhat responsive, so clean the bearing and remove the o-rings and replace those with silicone and it becomes a great player.
Similarly, are the Kickside and Speed Maker. Same deal: clean the bearing and replace the single o-ring with flowable silicone.

Another option, sticking with the YYF family: The Starbrite. Also do not overlook the stackless plastic Grind Machine either!

I ordered three of them for 10 dollars a piece. One for myself and the other two for some friends at work. After a few days I asked them what they thought and they both said the same thing. It’s way to light which makes it highly unstable. I laughed and said the same thing to them.
We all admired the price but the lack of weight is a real issue. Possibly the best UN-responsive for the price but for 20 dollars you can get much better.
One of the guys said he would try to use it for practicing freehand because he didn’t care if the piece of junk hit the ground or not. The next day he said that didn’t work because the counter weight was heavier then the yoyo. :slight_smile:

I plan on giving mine away when I meet someone who wants to learn to yoyo.