Need help...a yoyo for 20$!

Hey peopleZZ…
I need a yoyo for my friend…

-Price: 20$ or lower
-Butterfly shaped, has a groove for IRG grinds
-Spin time: 1 minute+

I’ve been said that YYF Whip, and YYF JK are a good choice…so tell me what do you think? :-\

I have a yyf ONE on order now I went with it for being capable of responsive and unresponsive play. I just bought a Duncan freehand yesterday too. The spin time on it is not quite a minute though I may need to clean the bearing. But for ten bucks I can’t complain. Is your friend just starting off? If so why not just get a couple ten dollar throws and play them both to see which is more comfortable. I’ve read all over this forum that you can’t go wrong with the ONE or the WHIP and they’re both only ten bucks. Hope this helps a little bit.

noskillz pretty much said it. I would say if your friend dosen’t know how to bind then get him the ONE with the extra bearing to upgrade when he/she is ready. If your friend allready knows how to bind then go for the whip or the JK. Personally I would go for the metal because the whip might have some vibe to it (I haven’t played any of the yoyos you are talking about, just giving my opinion) and the metal JK should not. (yeah I’m one of the vibe freaks)

I think I will go for Whip…tnx guys! :smiley:

get the yyf Velocity would be great when he/she gets better they can just turn the dial and then pow