A yoyo for my friend... 20$ help

Hey guys my friend wants to buy a yoyo, so could you reccomend me the best for 20$?
Any help appriciated ;D

i am pretty sure this is in the wrong place?.. not sure though but I would actually go with a whip…that is one of the best plastics I have ever played with… and a jk for a metal…hope this helps!!

Forgot to tell…

Yoyo for intermediate to advanced, sleep time about 40 secs+, has a groove for thumb grinds (removable caps…something like a yyj kickside)

Are you factoring shipping and supplies into that quote?

I mean, you’re looking at anywhere from $13-26 to ship it, so if you’re going to do that, it makes the most sense to bundle it into a larger order. Plus, might as well get strings and lube at the same time unless you can get that locally. The smaller international shipping box is going to run around $13-14 to ship, and best they can really cram in there is 1 yoyo and strings, and if they cram tight, a thing of lube.

As much as I like YYE, there might be some other options from other companies if you don’t mind different brands and may have free shipping. Even so, YYE has one of the best selections around.

So, for $20, that doesn’t go as far if that’s total budget.

Yeah, I really like the YYF JK!

No, I have strings and everything else…I’m just buying a yoyo, and I think from eBay…
But thanks for help ;D…I think I’m going for YYF Whip because he’s an intermediate player. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. The WHIP is cheap, but I have one on the way. By cheap, I mean “doesn’t cost a lot of money”, not “junky”. Some people say the ONE is better. I have a ONE already. It will be interesting to see what’s better in my opinion.

Yeah, I do think that the WHiP will be good because i got a pgm for my first yoyo and i learned to bind in 3 days. So IMO binding isnt such a big problem…also if you want you can get a full metal from magicyoyo or auldey for under 20$ with free shipping!!! Pm me if you want the links…