Low Budget Yo-Yo!

So I haven’t really touch a yo-yo for quite a while, since all the one’s I’ve ever used belong to a friend that moved away. So I’ve been looking around for a good cheap yo-yo (or pair) that I could purchase under 25 bucks including shipping. Now I personally can do a fairly good amount of “intermediate” tricks and have dabbled in the more advanced ones, but its been months, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to get back into the groove. I want to start learning some 5A stuff, i mostly want to get back into yo-yoing first. Any suggestions?

YYJ journey or kickside fit the bill. Legacy follows closely but shipping will put you over 25.00. The Duncan FHZ works too, but buy some duncan sili pads if you go that way. Also buy some string.

YYJ Lyn Fury. Just got one. Responsive. I’m gonna get a second and silicone one and see if that makes it unresponsive. I also have shims. I like the weight.

YYF One with 2nd bearing option. A bit too light in general for my preferences.

See if you can get a Legacy II with first class postage. But you’re too close to the $25 before shipping for that to be a success. I like this one quite a bit though.

Oh wait. My budget has just been upgraded to 30$, does that change things?

Would you be willing to buy off the B/S/T(Buy/Sell/Trade) here? I know of QUITE a few good yoyos on there right now that are great intermediate yoyos for that price.

Yes I would! Do you know any that would suit me?

I would recommend the YYF Northstar or Protostar(same basic design with different weight). The YoyoJam yoyos are pretty popular but I dont feel they are up to par with YoyoFactory at least as far as the Northstar/Protostar is concerned. There are plenty out there for sale, I have a pair of mint YYF Northstars for sale and there are plenty of them and protostars for sale. I personally think having one of these yoyos you should be able to go from learning to bind to winning the World YoYo Contest if you REALLY wanted and tried hard enough. YOu would just go through a TON of string to get their.

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A bit.

I forget if my Chaser came with 2 bearings, but that’s a good yoyo, but now the Legacy II is well within reach with change left over.

If you can bump it to say $41, the Protostar or Northstar would be ideal EXCEPT for one thing: you need to learn to bind as they are unresponsive only. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you can’t do some simple/basic/beginner tricks. You can fix this by getting a more beginner/responsive yoyo later. They are $35 but I’m factoring in the shipping. Other than that: they are amazing, fantastic plastics that compete with or above metals 2-3(or more times) the cost.

If it was me, I gotta say I’m rather pro-YYJ(but I am NOT anti-YYF), Legacy II. Good size, weight, 2 bearings, easy to swap bearings. It’s not too expensive, but plays more than it costs.

I’m not going to get into the whole YYJ/YYF thing. I like YYJ better than I like YYF. Both make lots of great stuff.

The reason I said the Northstar or Protostar is because there are plenty on the BST for cheap.

They are also really great yoyos. One or both of those should be in the collection of most serious players or collectors. The point being that if they can be had on BST for cheap(and they can), this really frees up dollars for other things needed like strings and lube.

Again, other than needing to know how to bind, the only other gotcha about these is that they aren’t good grinders due to the smooth surfaces. However, chances are by the time you get into that, you’ll already have picked out a full metal yoyo that is grind compatible.

So, if you do see a good deal on a Protostar or Northstar, I recommend it. If you don’t know how to bind, learn, it can be learned quickly and it’s not that difficult. Depending on your learning capabilities, you can really get your binds nice in anywhere from a few hours to a few days. You need to learn this anyways, so might as well learn now.

As I said, I’m more pro-YYJ than YYF, but if you can get your hands on one of those, trust me when I say you won’t regret it.

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Since you waited this long, If I were you, I’d save up and get a Dark Magic II. It won’t take long since you’ve got $30. But, if you don’t want to wait any longer, go with the YYF One. It’s a good yoyo, and after you buy it, with shipping and tax, you still have enough for string and lube, which you will need if you are practicing a lot. You’d also have money leftover:

YYF One $9.99
Shipping $5.00 at most with string and lube
String $5.00
lube $5.00

Total $25, with $5 leftover. Best option. Good luck.

ya but where I live we have taxes…
Plus shipping is like 5.80
SO for me it would be $28 Trololololol

I live in Massachusetts and pay taxes cause YYE is in Massachusetts. I thought the rest of the states were off the hook from taxes. Well…still under $30 with a few bucks to spare…good deal. It would come to $24.98 if I bought…I rounded up to $25. Shipping for me first class would be $2.00 on that order, with string and lube.

Ha,every state has taxes. Here we pay 7% meaning 7 cents to the dollar

Hmmm…I thought for online sales though you’d be off the hook unless you bought from an online store where you live. Most times I buy online, I avoid taxes, cause I buy from online stores elsewhere. I know every state has sales tax in local stores (6% here)…but pretty sure the standard is different online is all. I buy and sell a lot online…check it out. Sorry, off topic. The next person will get us back on lol.

These are all great, thanks! Does the fact that I know how to bind change things?