YYF Whip Review

The YYF Whip in my opinion, is an AMAZING yoyo for its price. 10$ is a really good deal for one.

Grinding: I do like to grind a lot, and its just PERFECT for grinding.

Tricks: This yoyo is great with tricks. Its not to fast, not to slow. and it feels like nothings on the string! (if you like light weight)

Um, I dont think there’s much to say about the Whip, its amazing and I definitely recommend it to people who like light weights and plastic yoyos.

I dont have ANY complaints at all.

And, I have already smacked it on the sidewalk, and yes it does have a dent in the side, but it still throws like I just got it. I love this yoyo :slight_smile: I play with this yoyo more than I play with my Dark Magic II.Its amazing.:slight_smile:

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Sounds like a pretty good starter.

I’ve used the Dienasty (Same shape.) and that thing’s got a nice shape and I could see using the lighter weight version of it. C=

I have one, and it’s an awesome beater throw. You never have to worry if someone says let me try, because it is indestructable. The only thing I would do is get a good bearing like a 10-ball or center-trac, and put that in there, because the one that comes stock sucks. Other than that it is awesome!

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Hey I like SPEC bearings… :stuck_out_tongue:

SPEC bearings are nice. Sometimes the “factory installed bearing” sucks though, and I’m not gonna just point the finger at YYF here, some of the YYJ bearings haven’t been all that wonderful either, but I have replacement bearings(Terrapin X) so I’m good for swaps.

For $10, I like the Whip, and my bearing is just fine. I don’t play it too often but it’s a really fun throw that I enjoy. What I do like is when I got a nasty cut on my finger, the lack of weight of the WHIP made it the only yoyo I could really throw for a few days.

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The whip was my starter yoyo that i order after finding Andre’s tutorials on the web. It was awesome and still is. I got a protostar for my birthday and it’s pretty awesome as well. The only thing is I really didn’t like was the center-trac bearings. I tried the center-trac in the whip and my string would get bunched up and with something with a smaller gap like the whip it was pretty annoying so I just use a 10 ball.

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I’ve got the whip, and i love it as my anger management yoyo. if i’m getting angry at a tough trick, i’ll switch to the whip so that if i throw it at a wall, i won’t damage one of my metals. it’s a nice little yoyo, but it has its limits. using the stock SPEC bearing, its sleep time isn’t great. it’s also light, so that probably affects momentum and sleep time. since it’s light, it also doesn’t stay as gyroscopic at all times, and can twist slowly while sleeping. other than that, an amazing throw for 10$. props to YYF

Nice I have it to you might have to clean it in the futcher