Yyf whip review

Hey guys, im making my second review about the yyf whip. To start this off, i’d like to say that before even recieving this yoyo in the mail, i honetly had no idea what to expect. I have many high end metals mostly by yyf like the 888x, genesis, superstar, ect… As you may already know. I also have a collection of yyf’s high end plastics, as well as my dark magic 2. Already having these yoyos, i would think that the whip would be a step down. Ive played alot with my pgm, and i love the shape. Im saying this, because the whip is almost exactly the feel of a pgm, except pull off the stacks and rip out the plastic rings. This thing is, well, the only word i can use to describe it is FUN. Its like playing with a grind machine, but minus a good 10grams. This thing feels just so ridiculusly light. Its amazing how fast you can make it do tricks. It has a decent sleep time of about a minute and a half or two minutes. But thats just me. As a refrence, with my beloved 888x i get spintimes of like 7 mins. The whip isnt the most stable yoyo. This may be its only flaw. The reason is plays so fast is because it has almost no rim weight at all. You can play super fast if you be careful though. Its literally impossible to do irgs. Unfortunately, it has no inner rim to do a grind on. However, the finish on this thing for grinding is surprisingly enough, ectremely good for grinds! It grinds on my finger for atleast a good 2 or 3 seconds before losing all its spin. Not as good as my 888x, but it will do. Not to mention this yoyo is $9.99!!! It dosent make sense to me why sombody would not have one of these. No but seriously, everybody go buy one or atleast add to cart. Im waiting…

Fine u lazy bums dont do it, ur loss. See if i care. But back to seriousness

Thats about it for the review, hope u guys liked it!


P.s. Sorry for no pics, i cant figure out how to post them on my ipod.

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That little lack of body mass is the only thing I dont like about it. Still my favorite throw right now.

The Whip actually does have a lot of rim weight…The lack of center weight is what makes it unstable.

I love my Whip. Very fun throw. Especially useful to nail tricks you’ve been working on.

Yeah like it’s fun to do stuff like mcbride roller coaster and skin the gerbil on. It does fairly well on lacerations and scuisides too. But hey, you can’t really ask that much out of ten bucks. For the money I say it’s the best bang for ur buck

Absolutely. The only issue I have with the Whip is it’s light weight. I wish it were at least as heavy as the PGM.

I find it likes to just die unexpectedly during an intense combo or trick.

That’s really to be expected though.

I just got a WHIP. I carry it around with my ONE. No more taking my nice stuff out to areas where I’m surrounded by concrete and worry about dinging something up!

That aside, I’m finding it a lot of fun. Not my “go to yoyo” of choice, but still good enough. I’d recommend both the ONE and the WHIP to anyone.