YYF Whip shaped metals?


Okay, I know this is going to sound pretty odd, but the Yoyofactory Whip is probably one of my favorite yoyo shapes. Granted, the Whip itself isn’t perfect, since it’s too light and a bit unstable. Still fun for 10 dollars.

This eventually lead me to the Counter Attack, which also has the same shape, but performs much better. Still, it isn’t perfect.

Ultimately I landed myself a OD/ILYY Sakura SE. The ILYY Sakura is exactly the same shape as the Whip, only slightly smaller. I love it, but I’m still trying to find something more full sized with this shape.

Are there any metal throws with this shape that I may have overlooked/missed? Maybe even higher end plastic/delrin? Specifically, ones that are not stacked - I know about the Grind Machine 2, but I’m not a fan of stacked throws.


What’s wrong with stacks? I think you can take them off if the reasoning is that the stacks make it bad (which they don’t)

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Too much center weight, and it makes the throw feel like a brick on a string. They’re really fun though!


Yep! There’s really nothing wrong with 'em, just personal preference.


Closest I could find is the aero-yo RB and yoyofactory roll model

Might want to consider the yoyojam revival as well


SPYY Punchline.


Well the Genesis might fit into your shape preferences


Took a look and saw some others that might be worth consideration:
Monkeyfinger ape x
yoyojam trinity
onedrop y factor


So it’s with the weight and not the stacks then. Okay I get it. But I think you can take stacks out.


You can, and it’s very easy. Makes it really fun too ;D I used it for 5A with and without stacks for ages