New Whip w/Stacks :)

Well I Yesterday I Order me my 1st Avalanche, I got the 28Stories one to go with my 1st 28 Stories Wooly Marmot. I figured they looked so dang nice I should try to collect the whole series of 28 Stories if I can. But back to my other purchase, The YYF Whip which is a Very nice Plastic (IMO), I got the white one. As for the Size, I compared it to my PGM and will say that it is Smaller in Width and Diameter by just a little, not much at all. But then I saw my stacks on my PGM and remembered the DV888 w/Stacks Boom lol. Well I decided to try an be the 1st to post a pic of a Whip with stacks, lol so I began the Pain staking Task of Stacking the Whip.

Ok so 1st off I notice that the Nut and Bolt holes on the Whip seemed a Whisker Smaller and Deeper then the PGM, so I took Both apart and Yup the hole is a Whisker smaller (note: Much easier with the stacks off the Post) So I line the Stack post up and screwed it together with out bearing in so that the pressure from the tightening of it will pull the Stack Posts into the Holes ~Viola~

Time to Put it together and add the stacks, but there was a problem. The PGM Axel could be a little longer but still works if you don’t screw it all the way in. Next I put the stacks on, oops another Problem, In the beginning I said the Bolt and Nut holes on the Whip looked a Whisker Deeper and they where (now this is all Trial and Error) Ok so it’s a little deeper which when you put the Bearing on the Post it won’t spin, because the stack post goes in more because of the whips deeper bolt and Nut holes. So I push out the Stack Post a little so the bearings can spin and this is where I was thinking that a shim or the Bearing Shields from an A Bearing might work to fill the space between the Stack Post and YoYo so when you Tighten it the Stacks post won’t tight causing the Hubstacks to bind and not spin.

Well got it all Together, Hubstacks spinning and All. Gave it a Throw and and It spins with a little vibe, but I’m sure with the Shim it would enev the Stacks in the Hole and stop some of the vibe. It’s just like a PGM only Smaller and Fast. I bet with the Time and Patience you could tune it and have a Nice Stacked Whip, but for Me I liked the Whip better the way it came. It’s floaty, Light and fast.
Here are the pics and sorry for poor quality, crappy cam

Looks nice bet you could fit “Z stacks” on that thing too (if you don’t mind the vibe). C=

Just next time you mod something put it in the “Modification” section.

Do the stacks stick out past the width of the yoyo, or do they fit nicely inside the cup? Overall, I like this, if only for the extra weight.

To me, the whip seems like another Grindmachine/Die-Nasty. I’m getting less impressed with YoyoFactory with each new release.

start your own yoyo company and make better yoyos than yyf, then you can talk shit.

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Kind of my thought on YoyoFactory haters I mean they’re not the best but come on quit hating.

I ordered mine today :slight_smile:
now I’m waiting for 5 throws in the mail. lol

But wow that was fast. it’s only been out for like 2 days. :o

And I really don’t get why everyone hates on yyf. they may make a lot of throws, but they’re still good…

Your Right I totally forgot about it, well if the Mods want to move it I completely understand. And as for Patrick’s Question

here is a pic I took of that…

And a Completely Sideways shot…

they seem to fit nice and I think once the Stack Post are shimmed they’ll fit better, I was to much in a rush to try it, lol. but it’s for the People who are in to that. I have a PGM so I can keep the Whip Stackless, it’s a completely different feel, Light and Floaty.

As for dynikus’s Question

I live one state away from where is (Amhearst, MA) and I paid the 13.25 Express and it comes the next Day all the time, I Love it cause I don’t have to wait like I do with the 5 dollar delivery which usally takes 3 to 4 days depending on the time of day when you order, the time of week, time of month, or if theres a Holiday. I rather Pay a little xtra and get it the next day, No wait and it’s here by 11 am, I mean you can’t go wrong. But I guess if you live a little further you can pay the New 2day Deliver for 25 and some change. Well worth the 10 bucks IMO