what yoyo should I save up for?

I am saving up for a new yoyo and I am wonder which yoyo I should get
I prefer medium or undersized yoyo
I play 1a and do all tricks (slack, whips, ect.)
Don’t care about color
and price is $90-$110 (when I have enough money)

Hmmmmm. If you can go cheaper, Hitman sounds good.

Have you considered any YoYoFactories?
But I think the Ogopogo BvM is cool. Heck, any CLYW is cool. :slight_smile:


Alchemy CU, CUlater, or Nimbus. I perfer CU.

Eeerggh, what?

I didn’t say naw to you but so true about clyw and I like yoyo factory but I’m not a fan of hub stacks and other thing like hubstacks

I want those yoyos but there out of stock

P2!! And you know the P2 has been released for 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, but you know YoYoFactory has the FUNDAmetal line, those don’t have stacks.

ya, I have also had my eyes on the frantic?

Well, it’s your choice. Good luck with what ever you get!

ya, it’s just hard to decide for me.

Ok what shape do you like? That would seem to be the determining factor here.

ummm… I don’t really care about shape

Then get all of them or none of them. The main difference between all yoyos is the shape and that is one of the main things people look for in a yoyo. Yes weight and size are differences people look for, but the main is shape.

I need more people to vote on the poll

more people vote please

you’ll be happy with any of those choices, just get one in the colour you like the best

You can’t make a decision on other peoples prefences because yours are different than everybodies. So just do what I do look for reviews and research every wanted yoyo for days before making a choice.