YYF Multi-Tool

Gosh, i am extremely annoyed by YYF’s quality control. The multi-tool i received is crap. My bearing is stuck onto it and will not come out.

i tried so much to take the bearing out but the tool broke, and my bearing is still stuck on it.
also my kk bearing is now broken. Thanks alot useless YYF tool.


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… Wow. Mine works great.

That is rough, I have a couple of those laying around, and I really like them. I have a hard time seeing that happen to mine with normal use.

ouch!! Those usually work great… never seen one get stuck or break like that.

Send YYF an email… they are great guys over there!! :wink:

If a bearing is too stuck for a YYF Multi-Tool to remove, then it’s way too tight.

First, I have to know: What yoyo was the bearing in? That may explain a lot. Many YYF’s are really tight to the inner race of the bearing. They aren’t the only ones but they have many models with a reputation for “Bearing Seat Grip Of Death”. Some gentle sanding of the bearing seat(remove the ano) will typically be all you need to do to resolve the issue.

Second, the short shaft of the bearing puller in the YYF multi-tool, combined with it being nested in plastic, doesn’t give a lot of leverage, especially for really stuck bearings.

Third: Sometimes you need more leverage. I got a fantastic bearing puller with my C3 DiBase. C bearing only, but it’s perfect. I also have the X3 bearing puller for dealing with C and Euro-C(L) bearings. If that ain’t gonna do it, it’s pliers time.

The bearing might still be salvageable.

A tool breaking doesn’t surprise me. One should NOT need to use sufficient force to DESTROY the tool in order to remove the bearing.

If you’re near me, I’ll remove the bearing from the puller for you. It might take a few minutes, but I’m fairly positive I can save the bearing.

Actually, I’m extremely annoyed(lol) at the Yoyo communities’ customer ‘control’.

Instead of contacting the Seller and/or Maker of the tool, you post up on the Board, to sing the Blues to All?

Did you Twitter this yet? Post your Tragic image and press notes on Facebook? Get an Attorney?

Is it possible that you just got a rare defective one? Or that you are Totally stronger than you think?

Did you consider allowing ‘them’ to help you first, before you just decided to dump on the Board?

A 7 dollar hard luck story is pretty weak, if you didn’t already take the simple initiative and send an email or pick up the phone.

Tear jerking saga, no doubt. Anybody got a Kleenex?

PS…I contacted both YYE and YYF for you… It took me less than 60 seconds to get messages to both.


Yeah dude, it’s not all that much money. The KK bearing costs at most $30 if it’s a ceramic, and the multi tool costs five bucks. I’m not sure why you expected the tool to be amazing. It’s five dollars, not an industry strength bearing remover =P

Contact the manufacturer instead of ranting on the forum without even asking for our help.

Did you use a pliers on that? Otherwise I really can’t see how you did that.

I have 2 YYF multi tools and they work great you probably just got a deffective one

no need to make a big fuss over nothing

I can’t even imagine how that would happen. I mean, the photographic evidence is there, but I’m just saying either you did something that’s not part of your description (the pliers mentioned…) or you got a rare defective unit.

I was actually curious about how these are made and I WANTED to destroy mine to have a peek. I’m just curious that way. After 5 minutes of trying, I gave up. At least now I can see what parts comprise the tool, so … thanks…? :wink:

Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time.

The only way to have it be broken into 3 parts is for it to break and then break again which probably means pliers were involved in at least one of the breakings and possibly the stuck bearing.

Cool story bro.

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lol, sometimes it’s better to just use the end of a 1/2" drill bit. And remember to wiggle, not pry, with bearing tools.

I’ll photo my clear one for you!

OP Paul Harvey should chime in here with the rest of the story as that bearing is majority cockeyed and the handle isn’t something done with hands I suspect.

Good luck I hope YYE or YYF will help you find a middle ground and rectify the troubles. Have a good day and be safe and keep safety glasses handy!

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1/4". Yes, I agree. When there’s no axle to “go around”, a drill bit is superior as a bearing removal tool! As long as you watch the edges of the business end.

Grabbed a C3 bearing removal tool for my keychain as it’s less stabby and bulky than the YYF one, and it’s darned good, too.

Thanks for the correction haha, boy would he have been extra disappointed then. Yeah the C3 and XCube tools look nice.

I have a clear orange tool, you can see pretty clearly what’s inside it and “how it works” :slight_smile:

Here’s a good picture of the one I own:

I apologize for that. I was gonna lay into it like you did(or similar), but I was still waking up.

I’m also getting tired of customer service issues being played out on the forum.

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The best way around an issue us at the source. What is so hard about that concept. If McDonalds messed up your order would you call your friend? No you would talk to the manager. It’s the same concept here. I don’t understand the lack of common sense.

People DO tell their tales of woe to their friends and family. Your screwed up McDonald’s order might be from a drive-through, and when you get home, you’re all, “Oh. My. God. I HATE Filet o’ Fish; I wanted a McChicken!” and the nearby people will hear any further ranting in all its glory. Or you might chuck the Filet and go on Facebook and mention your general hatred of Filet o’ Fish and that McD’s screwed up your order and that now you’re hungry (1st world problems…).

When I worked retail, we were always aware that it’s what the customer says to their friends and family that’s of more importance than what they could ever say via the company feedback pipelines.

I think that expecting a solution with a random rant on a forum (where your procedure in getting the problem solved is… sketchy…) is not realistic. But ranting without any expectation of a solution is pretty common. I see nothing surprising in this thread.

To be extra clear:

I think the OP possibly didn’t do the right thing here, and I have no idea how they managed to shred such a sturdy thing as the YYF multi-tool. I am simply responding to “You don’t complain to your friend about your McDonald’s order.” Yes, of course people do!

Due to insufficient information, including what yo-yo the bearing was stuck in, I give the OP’s post no credibility. I own at least 7 of those tools, and never had a problem with one. So, “crap?” Hardly that, in my opinion…quite the contrary. I had a stuck bearing before, but had enough sense to get some advice, before applying enough force and pressure to either damage my multitool, my yo-yo, or my bearing. A wise man simply told me to put the yo-yo in the freezer. In 45 minutes, presto, the bearing was removed with no damage to anything.

That tool is one of the best accessories in yo-yo. And, I most often use it, to remove bearings from yo-yos not even made by YoyoFactory. Imagine that. :-\