Yoyo tool

Is a yoyo tool worth buying? Is something like this http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/522/YoYoFactory-Multi-Tool---Neon-Collection worth buying?

It’s necessary if you want to easily remove a stuck bearing or axle. You could do it with other tools, but it’s not as easy.

Is it worth he money? I am debating cause my dad believes it is not worth he money. :stuck_out_tongue: And does it make it very easy to remove C bearings?

I have a total of 3. 2 black and 1 Neon Green. It helps remove a very tight bearing and its simply portable. If you mainly yoyo at home and have a set of pliers that’s all you really need if you want to save money. I like to play outdoors in a park and in public so often times if i want to change out my bearing for another one then the YYF multitool is a nice portable way to do just that. You don’t wanna be caught walking around with a set of pliers in public where people will question why you have such a thing. In my own opinion and mine only, the multitool is better than a set of pliers because it insert in the center. With a set of pliers, if not careful, I feel that the pliers could crush your bearing if pressured too much. I keep my multitool on a snaphook (often used for keys).

Keep in mind not all bearings are as tight as others. I once bought a red and a blue Dark Magic II and the Red was tight but the blue was loose. Every yoyo can’t be 100% perfect. but the difference is like 0.00000000000000001 %

i also have 3. a travel one, a home one, and a backup. i personally consider the multitool a necesaty

Thank you for all so much the feedback! Now I get to go and tell my dad that I am not the only person in the world who thinks that the tool is helpful!!! :slight_smile:

And also, does a yoyo tool have something small and almost pointy to help and remove knots that can occur during play?

The yyf one doesnt but i recall seeing one on this site that did. might have been a string cutter tho

The YYF Multi-tool is handy and inexpensive. Get it. I lost mine, I’m getting 2 more. 1 for my YYE Medium Bag on a durable clip, and another for another location.

There’s I think another tool that also can do knot snagging/picking. Very handy. I wish it wasn’t constantly out of stock.

Thr Rhino tool by Monkeyfinger has a knot picker, but the yyf multitool is better. it has a hex key, and the bearing puller works better

Good to know. I’ll get both if I can. Thanks!

In my personal experience a plastic fork is the best thing to get a knot out. I haven’t used the monkey finger tool, but I feel like it could scratch up the yoyo easily.

Plastic forks don’t last long in my house. Neither would be yoyos or other gear unless I lock them up.

Try a paper clip or wire with a hook that always gets yoyo knots out

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Get YYF multitool, and hang a paperclip on it for snags.

I have one of a few titanium bearing removal tools and never use it. I don’t buy yoyo’s with ultra tight bearing seats though.

…I use one of those cheap wooden chopsticks they give away with Chinese take out. I just sharpen/whittle to a nice point - perfect for knots and no chance of damaging expensive throws.

I have a couple of the YYF tools and I think they are great and here is why:

  1. I have 2 kids and we all yoyo. That means always having a string cutter on hand. I am not one of those guys that always has a knife or other cutting tool in his pocket, But I do always have my keys. So, I hooked my YYF tool onto there and now I can resize string for my kids where ever. Some places I have found my string cutter useful; the grocery store, a talent show, airport, my backyard, middle of the woods. My kids yoyo everywhere and always think the string is not the right length. We go through a lot of string :slight_smile:

  2. My oldest and I are into looping as much as 1A stuff right now. We have a couple looping 900s and a couple unleashed (depending on our mood). Sometimes we are just looping so we tighten it up a little bit. Sometimes we are doing some different responsive play tricks, so we loosen it up a bit. Easy to do since I have this tool with me. One turn of the tool completely changes the play of the loop 900. I have never needed to use it for axle removal, so I cannot say that it works well or not.

  3. Some of my yoyo’s give up their bearing so easily I just need to tip the yoyo on its side once it is unscrewed. Others, seem like they are glued into place. If you need to remove the bearing for cleaning, lubing or just to switch it out, and you have one that seems glued into place, you either need a bearing tool or a wrench/vise-grips. I prefer to use the YYF tool because I find that the wrench method can leave little marks on the bearing. I don’t think it affects the bearing at all, but I would rather them not be there at all. I also find using the YYF tool easier than the wrench method too. Funny thing is, my YYF yoyos are the ones that pop out with no problem!

  4. As far as getting knots out, this tool is the wrong one for that job. I see lots of great ideas on this thread. I personally use a paper clip.

I had a Multi-tool but I lost it LOL. It was great for bearings and most axles. A trick for pliers is to put a thick rubber band around the bearing, so it won’t mark up, but the multitool is always great. On tight bearings, the multitool isn’t always the best tool, but as a carry around, backup, it’s great. Ps. The cutter is tiny, so you can take it into most schools and airports.

Anyone got advice on getting out A sized bearings?
I’ve just been using the axle wrench on my multi tool with some leverage.