Yoyoapartment multitool??????

Does anybody have any info on this multitool

No, but I want it.

I want that!

So I found out that the company that makes this doesn’t have a website and I can’t find any website that sells

I know one thing… If I saw somebody selling those at a Yoyo Contest; I would buy one so fast; I would have the tool in my pocket before the guy even realized I put money in his hand!

…like Ninja speed.

What a cool idea.

Only thing I don’t like is with that fine thread, it would cost you time in the process of saving you time; screwing and unscrewing for the various functions.

It still looks like a keeper.

The vid on YouTube shows the guy beating on the tool with a hammer!

Really interesting. And nice machine work.

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Nope, I have never seen that thing ever in my life.

i want one

That is the quintessential multi tool!

i can find one pretty easily

Really can you actually buy it

Just get a yyf multitool if you want something for practical use :P. It’s more compact and can do all of that stuff anyways.

ya. But this looks so much cooler.

We had one sent to Richie (the previous owner of our UK yoyo store) to test by the owner of 9King yo-yos back in August 2013 (the manufacturer also posted in the thread about it a couple of times with pictures and stuff).

Richie expressed interest in getting some more for the store but then was unable to get hold of the manufacturer from that point forward and we never ended up getting any. Looks like the guy who made them just vanished and we never heard from him again. Shame. :-\

Maybe Andre can make them over here I’m sure he get some one to make them for him here in the states

It’s much better than a multitool for one reason: There’s a tiny tip that can be used to get knows or that little slipknow thing that you can’t reach with your fingers in the yoyo, and have to either uncrew or use a needle to get it out

I mean, I can get knots out with the axle tool pretty easily :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried one of those once.

really? I don’t mean knots I meant he thing where is you put the strings into each other it wraps around making it responsive, same idea when you do the slipknot except around the yoyo, not your hand. I don’t mean the ones near the surface either, but the ones where there’s the normal string wrapped around the yoyo and one slipknot thingy next to it. I would imagine the YYF multitool is too thick to get in there.

Yeah, probably. For those kinds of tangles though, it’s going to be faster to just take the yoyo apart.

I mean, for people who hate to unscrew it. Also, I disagree with it being faster just unscrewing it. If I had a tool like that I’d put it in my pocket always. Usually I use some small tweezer things and it takes literally 2 seconds to identify, grab, and pull to fix it.