just a cool idea.......

What if there was a yoyoers pocket knife like thing? that had a bearing removal tool, axle remover for the both types of axles and a string cutter. and maybe like another thing in it i don’t what else but i think it would be really cool!

I think she meant one that could “flip out” like a swiss army knife

It would be even better if it had an actual knife blade.

Agreed even if it was like 1.5"

I think

Axle Remover
Bearing Romover
Small knife
Pin(Like safety pin, easier to get knots out than axle tool also to deshield bearings)
String cutter
Small container of lube?!(Is this possible? MAybe something weird, not really a bottle)
This is all right now

Leatherman Micra + YYF bearing removal tool + an allen key.

Vanishes in your pocket and does everything yoyo related you need for no more than $30.


It would just be more expensive.

The YYF Multi-Tool is pretty much all you’d need. The Rhino multi-tool isn’t bad either.

Yeah! The lube container could be like the cover for the pocket knife.

If the yyf multi tool had a knot picker it would be better

Axle tool works well

i dont know how people use that for knots. it’s metal, i wouldn’t dare. not only that but i find it next to impossible to dig at any knot that has been tightened (away from axle)

yah i dont no either i cant use it with some of my yo-yos with high walls. i was also thinking maybe there could be a metal part of the pocket knife thing to have a little yoyo unknoter with a hook to get that undone.

Well the sides of the tool are rubbery/plastic, and what else could it be made of? And not sure hwat you mean, but people dont use ti for string knots, I always just get a new string if I get one, but usually I only get 1 or2 a week

probably on a few inner things a really tough plastic or a little bit of metal. AKA stainless steel which last a long time or aluminum.

i would just use something like and small eyeglass screwdriver (or other small pokey tool) that is plasti dipped.

that sounds good if its plastic dipped it wont scratch the yoyo!

what no other ideas?

It should have a small compartment for hi chew

Like on the other side of where the Lube would be?