just a cool idea.......


a storage area to hold small yoyo parts like bearings, cw and ect

And a small led flashlight I think this would be awesome to design


This is starting to sound like a yoyo case. You only need things that are used urgently, like a string cutter, axle remover, bearing remover, a plasti-dipped hooked metal object to remove knots, and a flash light + other miscellaneous objects. You want this to fit in the pocket, and not be a mountain of bulk. Also, make it so you can take it to a school, so no knives, or weapons of any kinds on it.

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Here’s what you need.

What about your fold down car so you can get too and from club?
Maybe a lathe for those impromtu mods/fix’s.
How about some stuff in there so you can ano on the go?
A bead blaster pocket knife would be a good thing. I mean what if your yoyo isn’t grinding well.
No really I use the exact same thing as jake, with out the extra hex, I just use the hex on the yoyofactory tool.

Right, we also need a tool that instantly settles any argument. This would really help around here.

Why not just use that then? :wink:

It’s what I keep in my case. Victorinox Tinker, if it won’t fix it, you didn’t break it right.