Missing products?

What yoyo related products are missing from the market? Maybe a certain string you wish was being produced, a crazy or not so crazy yoyo, apparel, and so on. I’m just interested to hear what people think :slight_smile:

I am personally trying to fill a gap between the fluffy super cheap bulk, and the insane prices of some better known strings sold by the each, with my own super whippy strings, filling a middle ground that Id like to see spread. Yoyos are evolving, playstyles are evolving, but not much evolution in the string world. Im trying to help fix that by showing how nice higher performance strings can be.

Other than that, id like to see more yoyo related apparel. Shirts with fun sayings or cool pics of string formations. Thant kind of stuff.

Blueprint String.

Budget TI.


Maybe YYE Doc Martens.


Whoa son! Now your talking my language! :smiley:

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What do you consider “budget” ti"? The time was about $200 and the ricochet was similar.

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I guess like $100?

I’m not really expecting that or anything.

I would like to see some cool non cheesy yoyo related t-shirts. like invaderdust said maybe something with a string formation on it.

Metal looping yoyo.
Though it seems like Ben YYF is working on something.

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More delrin
Better multi tool
Wide yoyos

The shift is pretty wide.

As for tools, the bearing puller here is pretty convenient.
The Shinwudo. It fits well on your key ring.

More off strings
Delrin loopers
Gentry’ 2012 Justin Bieber hair
More counterweights
High wall yoyos
Wyyc to be in Atlanta

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I got the shinwoo on my keys. love it, but the YYR bearing extractor? Straight baller.

Describe “better multi tool”. What don’t you like about those available? What would you like to see?
Personally I feel like most yoyos are pretty darn wide. I’m glad to actually see a few slim lines coming on the market recently.

Lol, yes! JB hair for Gentry.

Definitely agree with the high walled yoyos. That’s one of the many reasons why I personally like Big Bang Bandalores, high walls.

I wanted to try one but I could never justify the $$ for it.

Yea, it may as well be plated in 24k gold. And it also doesnt work if the bearing sticks to the side with the axle. Axle has to be removed if thats the case, so its not perfect. BUt it does give my the highest confidence that i am not damaging my bearing or bearing seat by the wiggle waggle needed with most other tools.

I️ would pay the premium price for a yyr bearing extractor with string cutter and hex key all in one place

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I could get on board on this one. Honestly, if it had a hex key, it would be practically perfect for me. A string cutter would just be cherry on top.

Yyf multitool is really good guys^^ has all that stuff

Sure! but its far from a premium product or feel. Ive broken one, it cracked by the remover and i didnt use it hard. I dont think i could break the YYR one. The YYF one, It does a fine job, no question, but its nice to have options. heck make one out of titanium with awesome knurling and there will be those that desire it. Not cause its “Better” but there are plenty that will pay more money for a premium experience.

Our yoyos have ridiculous price tiers, so do our bearings and our strings. Why not our tools too? :wink:

YYR bearing extractor + axle remover with rubber clamp so any axle can be removed + string cutter + nail filer to smooth out dings

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Nail file will double as the knurling. Ingenious!! :smiley: