Community's wants? Yoyo related wants- not yoyos..

So hey guys.

I would like some of you to post yoyo wants. But not yoyos- yoyo accessories and related products.

We have-

And light ups
And so on…

Anything out of the ordinary you can think of?

I cant think of much, maybe translucent bearings? (Not going to happen ^)


Clear string, or maybe a liquid or spray I could put on my throw to make it glow

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Spray-on ano.

Spray-on ano./quote]

Both of those sound really cool

as for me an automatic string maker(cause Im to lazy to make string LOL) all you would have to do is punch in what tension you want and what thread you wat to use and it would make the strings for you

Wouldnt that be cool?

Would Yoyo gloves count?

That would be great as long as it’s not permanent ,and easy to take off.

Yoyo string made from a spiders thread.

Best so far hahahaha!

More YYF pads, some more bearings to try, i am good with string- im well supplied with crocostrings, i guess the duncan CW pack would be cool, and i want to try 4vm (OD lube… I might be spelling it wrong) and see if its any different than YYJ lube.

Read the OP please… :wink:

A strong invisible string that makes string tricks look like the complex levitations of Losander (look him up). Anything that combines magic with yoyo would be nice.

Anything that could be… Uh… Possible?

All this invisible boulder dash!

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to see my signature yoyo. Lol JK.

Seriously though air tight bearings would be great.

Invisible thread/ string is quite possible. I use several different invisible threads daily. Just not for yoyo. If it could somehow be modified to suit yoyo play that would be grand.

I thought you wanted to know others yoyo wants. If not maybe you should’ve clarified that you wanted to know yoyo wants that seem realistic to you. However, that really is just a regurgitation of your own ideas. If you make a thread like this, please try to be open to others suggestions and ideas. Especially if you’re asking for them.

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What it we put a bearing made of magnets that push away from each other and there are no balls in it just a ring kinda orbiting the inner circle. Endless sleep times…

Back to my idea on Spider silk string…
I looked it up and apparently there is some cloth made from rare golden Spider silk. Make some yoyo string out of that :smiley:

3D metal printers that could print your yoyo!!!

if you want something thinner i have been using sewing machine oil. On my bearings I think it works better than the YYJ thin Lube that and at the same price it comes in a bigger bottle.

More warehouse shelves for my forklift.