I am interested in any yoyo accesories you have.

I will either buy or trade with you so please comment because I need any kinds of yoyo accessories like string, bearings, counter weights, hubstacks, zstacks, tip tops ANYTHING!

I have 100% polyester orange string i can sell(or trade) up to 50

How much would you want for all 50 strings? Or would you want to trade cause i have 100 green plyester strings so we could trade 50 for fifty or how much would you want for them?

I have
c sized kk bearing
mondo string
slick 6
slick 8
Angel hair string
and I will have aluminum case soon. If you are interested just tell me

how much would you want for the bearing alone and how much would you want for each string type alone…and how many of each string is there?

how about i trade you 25 for25?

The bearing causes little vibe but its okay. I have 10 angel and 25 each. Offer on the price

Yoyoguy: That sounds perfect but instead of 25 can we each send 20?

Justink: Would you take around 5 or 10 dollars for the string and bearing…what color strings are they?

no thanks

I changed my mind on selling them sry

It’s all good.

that’ll work

So when would we both ship them out or do you want me to send then you or what?

I have some hub stacks, rice stacks, and a tester pack of G-string (missing the SC string).

Also, I make counter weights. I can’t make them perfectly yet (they come out of their mold with small air bubbles.) but if I start getting my plastic to work better, I’ll let you know.

I already make my own counter weights… what color rice stacks and hubstacks do you have?

I have 75 or so orange alchemy strings, blue and black ricestacks, and I just shot you a PM.

whats a pm?

private message

we’ll both ship them pm me the address and i’ll pm you mine

A “Private Message”.