I am interested in any yoyo accesories you have.

The hubstacks are black.

how much would you want for those?

$9? Most of that is the shipping.

please… keep the conversation in pm…

I have a case.


I have a few extra bearings size a size c and size d. I also have some axles gray poly string spacers and a set of clear zstacks.

Here’s a Pic of a chunk of the extra parts and “accessories” I have laying around:

Click to Enlarge

That’s basically just a sample of the stuff I got laying around. I have a few more counterweights, bearings and such. The larger bearing pictured there is a Kon Kave. I also have some 50/50 (Dyed) Lime Green String, if you’d like any of that. Not quite as bright as the 100% Poly stuff, but still not bad. This all just extra stuff I have laying around anyway. I’m not doing anything with it, got tons more in my “tool kit” of the stuff I want to keep.

Just PM if you want/need any of it.

a have some spacers

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